Mannancherry, Kerala, India – We’re Off To See The Dentist!

Michael and I were off to the dentist this day! We hopped on our scooter and drove to a little village called Mannancherry. There we would visit the dental clinic called Smile Dental Lounge! Pictures on our journey to this village: Tuk-tuks waiting for passengers. At a train stop, waiting for the train to pass….

Ontario, Canada – Toronto to Timmins to Kapuskasing to Peterborough – Planes, Trains, Ferries, Buses and Cars!

I’m a bit ahead of myself with the blog title – but I wanted to foreshadow a little of what’s ahead for the next few days!! Since departing from Doha on June 14th – I’ve flown in 9 airplanes to arrive at my destinations!!!   Michael only 8 airplanes – I’ve beaten him by one…