Mannancherry, Kerala, India – We’re Off To See The Dentist!

Michael and I were off to the dentist this day! We hopped on our scooter and drove to a little village called Mannancherry. There we would visit the dental clinic called Smile Dental Lounge! Pictures on our journey to this village: Tuk-tuks waiting for passengers. At a train stop, waiting for the train to pass….

The Colorado Restaurant & McDonald’s

Our last full day in Qatar was a Tuesday.  Had Michael’s contract been renewed and not given two weeks to leave Qatar, this week would have been his Spring Break.  Therefore, at 8:52am Michael was picked up by his work guy gang (those friends who stuck around Qatar during break, who didn’t travel) to eat…

Carnoustie Ayurvedic & Wellness Resort – My Pitta Vata Vegetarian Diet

During my week stay at Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort my Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Regina assessed me to determine my dosha. I’m Pitta with Vata influence. All my meals for the week were chosen to match my Pitta Vata biological energies. I know very little of this ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda and it’s doshas….