Sharm el-Sheikh – Day 7 – Lion Fish!!!!!

The Lion Fish was the highlight of our morning!!!  This fish has venomous spiky fin rays.  Non-aggressive, but freaky when the fish becomes curious of me while I’m taking pictures/filming a video and starts swimming towards me!! Underwater Video of the Lion Fish:  

Merry Christams from Sharm El-Sheikh!!!

To our dearest family and friends and all the ones who may not be so dear but are still our family and friends. Stephanie and I wish you a very happy Christams. You might notice the spelling is a little odd. That was how our fancy Giza hotel spelled their beautifully lit up freshly made…

Cairo – Day 3 – Souq Khan el-Khalili

Today was all about travelling to the Islamic District of Cairo (via our now BFF – taxi driver Hamada Grapes – we call him Hi’Im Outta Grapes!) to the Souq Khan el-Khalili. This souq is built on the site of the mausoleum known as the turbat az-za’faraan (Saffron Tomb), dating back to 970 A.D. Today was AMAZING…

Cairo – Day 2 in the A.M. – The Egyptian Museum

Today was all about the Egyptian Museum!!!!!! This is just the start of this blog as I took SO many pictures.  Once we’re in Sharm El-Sheikh I’ll have WONDERFUL downtime to add more pictures and explain each picture!!! Love, Stephanie  xo        

Giza – Day 1 – Giza Pyramids – Videos

Videos: Leaving the stables in the village of Nazlet el-Samman, on our way to the entrance of the Giza Pyramids Complex: The main entrance to the Giza Pyramids: Now inside the complex of the Giza Pyramids: Full Tilt – and I mean – OPEN FULL THROTTLE HORSEPOWER – like “HOLY SHIT, HOLD ON” this horse is…