Miltach, Germany – Breakfast At The Train Station

Wrapped in thick duvets, we woke after a delightful sleep, to snow!!  Our day was off to a perfect start! We were starving and it was time for breakfast!  We hopped into the car and drove into town. Miltach, being a very small town, had one new and popular cafe located at the train station….

2017 Summer Moments – Liz, Linda, A Mermaid, Sons of Maxwell, A Doll House, Family, Reiki, Cold Drinks on a Patio, Donair Pizza & Donair Sauce, Moon Mist Ice Cream, Pork Bacon…..and What Is a Touton??

I leave for Qatar tomorrow.  Back to expat life, regular routine and back to work, the start of a new school year at the American School of Doha on August 15th.  I wanted to reflect on my visit to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  To share some of the moments with friends and family. My visit…