Martock Ski Hill – Learning to Snowboard – Lesson I

Arriving – 9:30am – It is ALREADY Packed! Slide Heel Down – Straight My instructor Shannon, after a very beginning intro on maneuvering on a flat surface on a snow board…. brought me to the bunny hill! My first lesson here was putting my weight on my heels and sliding straight down. Getting Up From…

Let It Snow! My First Nova Scotian Snow in Four Years!

After four years of living in the desert climate of Qatar, I’m now back in Nova Scotia and just experienced my first snowfall of the season!  It was “Big Snow – Little Snow” – meaning big snow flakes that don’t last long. My drive home from work as the rain starts to turn to snow…..

Blue Beach, Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Blue Beach was a first for me, but a well known walk for my friend Liz who lives in Windsor.  Blue Beach has a tidal range of 16 meters and is known as a significant fossil location. Everything about this beach is Nova Scotia – gorgeous landscape, water edging the landscape, and some fossils along…

Autumn Colors of Nova Scotia

Autumn is beautiful in Nova Scotia, as the leaves on deciduous trees turn bright colors with the changing season. I wanted to share some of this province’s beauty with a few pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks! Autumn is also time of the harvest and apples trees are ready for picking!  These are apple…

Nova Scotia, Canada – Home After 4 Years in Qatar

Coming home meant a continuum of emotions, along with lots of to-do lists, as we became Canadian residents again while starting our life here with everything we gained in Qatar. Settling into 5th Wheel Living This was a rigamarole of making our way through campsites until we finally found what we were looking for: free….