Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

  Tuesday, June 19th Today was a BUSY sightseeing day with little moments in-between!! S, xo Fresh bread at a bakery!!! Ancient Greek Penises!! Stop for Americano coffee and traditional Greek sweets – figs in syrup! Graffiti Street Art Fresh Mint Cool House *&%$ Donald Trump! Walking home!!

Athens, Greece – Monastiraki Square

We stumbled into this busy square as we walked back to the apartment! This was a tourist trap!  Nothing but shops, restaurants, people, more people, and pushy souvenir/trinket sellers!  One guy was trying to sell a sewing kit!!!  I thought is was dental floss!!  LoL!!!!  We picked a restaurant within the maze of streets back…

Athens, Greece – Roman Agora & Tower of Winds

An agora is a meeting place in ancient Greek city-states.  This agora was taken over by the Romans. The Tower of Winds is a Pentelic marble clock tower that functioned as a timepiece. S, xo Roman Agora The Tower of Winds

Athens, Greece – Aeropagus

The Areopagus is a big rock by the Acropolis that has a plaque of Apostle Paul’s Areopagus Sermon. This hill was once a court of justice where legend has it Ares was tried by the gods for murdering Poseidon’s son Halirrhothius. This rock offered a great view of Athens and the Acropolis! S,xo

Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Sunday, June 17th This day was a lazy morning of blogging then a thunderstorm/rainy  afternoon at the National Archaeological Museum. Here are the memorable moments during the day! Breakfast was bought at the corner cafe – a homemade cheese and ham pie!  DELICIOUS!!!! Zeus was at it again all day today making lightening and thunder…

Athens, Greece – A Greek Orthodox Mass

This morning I went to the 7:50am mass at the church I now know the name of: Ieros Naos Agiou Vasileiou, located just down the street.  As I settled in, I discretely tried to take pictures and capture a video.  I managed to capture three pictures and one video before I was greeted by the…

Athens, Greece – The Gods & Goddesses

When in Rome…oops, I’m in Greece….. I have always had an interest in Greek mythology, and now here I am in Greece!  While enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio of this Airbnb apartment and watching the sun rise on the Parthenon, I feel totally inspired to read up on the 12 Olympians. To…