Al Khor Park – A Dust Storm Hits!

Here is a picture of the aviary when I arrived: A little later, the clouds darken as the storm moves in: The storm starts – First the wind…. Now the sand storm moves in: Now the rain….. Here – in these pictures – you can see the sand storm moving off to the left of…

Al Khor Park – The Bird Aviary & Animals

This was an adventure to find out exactly what this big netted tent that looks like a bird aviary, located off the Shamal road in Al Khor, was! I was hoping for a falcon aviary…. But what I found was a park! It was closed for maintenance, so I wasn’t able to walk inside of…

Dinner Time for a Herd of Hungry Camels!

There is a camel farm on the road to Skydive Qatar.  I pulled over when I noticed it was feeding time and the camels were waiting for their din-din!! The race for their place at the dinner table! Enjoying their dinner! Camels are SO cool!!!! S, 🙂

Kayaking the Al Thakira Mangroves

My kayaking adventure this weekend brought me to the northern coastal city of Al Khor. Here, I made my way to Al Thakira beach, my launching location to paddle the mangroves! On my way into Al Khor, I passed  Al Bayt Stadium – one of 6 stadiums being built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup….

Visit to the Al-Farden Family Farm

The Al-Farden or spelled Alfarden family is known for luxury cars and precious jewelry.  These are pictures of a visit to their farm to see the animals! The farm is located in the Al Khor municipality of Qatar, in the middle of the desert.  Once off the main highway, then driving down a long, narrow…