10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of this 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge! My Dusty Flip-Flops has nominated me for this challenge, thank you my friend! My Dusty Flip-Flops and I have been following each other’s blog adventures here on WordPress since 2017. It’s always nice to reconnect!  The 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge: post one photo for 10 days with no explanation…

What I’ve Learned So Far On How I Can Tell What Country An Arab Man Is From By The Style Of Their Traditional Clothing

I’ve started taking an interest in wanting to know the difference between traditional Arab dress and how that indicates what country they’re from. With the more Michael and I travel here in the Middle East as well as afternoons at Souq Waqif, it has become clear to me that different Arab styles mean different things….