Cologne, Germany – Christmas Markets At Night!

We returned to see the Christmas markets at night! Our first stop was to get something to eat for supper at Maredo!  Michael and I shared this tenderloin steak that was cooked to perfection with a soft, tender inside and a crispy outside! Dogs were allowed inside the restaurant!  This is a Parson Russel Terrier…

Cologne, Germany – The Train Adventure!

After the Christmas Markets we decided to take a random train ride and see what happens…. We didn’t travel very far.  We didn’t understand the announcement in German that we were at the last stop.  We didn’t pay attention to the fact all people exited the train. Then suddenly all the lights flicked off.  The…

Cologne, Germany – Christmas Markets & Cologne Cathedral

Michael and I’s hotel in downtown Cologne is on the Rhine and walking distance to the Old Town Christmas Market, the Cathedral Christmas Market, the Harbour Christmas Market and the Cologne Cathedral. Tonight we walk through the Harbor Market!!  More pictures to come!! Merry Christmas!!! S, xo Old Town Christmas Market:   Cathedral Christmas Market:   Cologne Cathedral:

BACON!!!!!! I’m So Excited!!!!!!

Sorry…..just had to share….because living in a Muslim country means VERY limited access to pork bacon and now in Europe, I am going to eat pork bacon until I pass out!!! S, 😀 😀 😀