Ettinger Falls – Three Mile Plains, Nova Scotia

Ettinger Falls was an adventure to locate on our first attempt, because the directions on was not accurate/clear enough for us. Out interpretation of the directions had us walking up what appeared to be a logging service road. We turned around and went for lunch at The Spitfire Arms British Pub in nearby Windsor….

Nova Scotia, Canada – Home After 4 Years in Qatar

Coming home meant a continuum of emotions, along with lots of to-do lists, as we became Canadian residents again while starting our life here with everything we gained in Qatar. Settling into 5th Wheel Living This was a rigamarole of making our way through campsites until we finally found what we were looking for: free….

Canadian Repatriation Adventure – Montreal, Quebec – The “Truck” Issue!

This was insane! But, I’m getting ahead of myself because this situation was so stressful, that I think my husband Michael deserves a T-Shirt that says: “With Our 3/4 Ton Standard Transmission, 2500 Heavy Duty Chevy Silverado, I Successfully Hauled our 38ft, 10,000pd 5th Wheel Through Crazy Construction Reroutes in Downtown Montreal With a Failed Clutch!!“ But,…

Summer of 2018 – Best Canadian Pecan Butter Tart Challenge!!!

The butter tart – a small pastry filled with sweet buttery syrup that is mixed with either raisins or pecans – or not – then baked to perfection with a crispy top – is known to be the classic Canadian treat enjoyed by many across the expansive country! My favorite of the three varieties of Butter Tart…