Athens, Greece – Last Meal…..Last Day…..Final Thoughts….

We had an early morning flight from Mykonos, back on the mainland….back in Athens to make our way to the airport to start the long trip to Canada to visit family and friends. So, we had our last Greek meal in Greece! We found a unique looking restaurant called this (this is the cover of…

Athens, Greece – Zeus’s Thunderstorms

Good morning!  This is my 11th day in Athens.  So far, there have been at least 3 days of full out thunderstorms.  What is spectacular about these thunderstorms is how fast they move in then move out.  It is as if they have a life of their own – or are the creation of a…

Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Saturday, June 23rd This is my 10th day in Athens.  My historical focus has been an interest in the 12 olympian gods of ancient Greece.  Yesterday, as I walked the Ancient Agora of Athens….I was brought back down from Mount Olympus and started thinking about what life would have been life for the ancient Athenians….

Athens, Greece – Ancient Agora of Athens – Temple of Hephaestus

We arrived at the Ancient Agora of Athens and our first stop was the Temple of Hephaestus! On our way was the once large concert hall – Odeon of Agrippa: Walking up to the Temple of Hephaestus: Front of the Temple facing the Stoa of Attalos: Walking Left Side: Back: Walking Right Side: S, xo

Athens, Greece – Michael’s Here!

Michael arrived and we’re both so happy to be reunited and start our summer vacation together! This morning I walked him through the Kallidromiou Street Saturday Morning Market! Next, we hopped on the Metro and went to a few of the ancient ruins in the Acropolis Hub that Michael hasn’t already been to (this is…

Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

  Tuesday, June 19th Today was a BUSY sightseeing day with little moments in-between!! S, xo Fresh bread at a bakery!!! Ancient Greek Penises!! Stop for Americano coffee and traditional Greek sweets – figs in syrup! Graffiti Street Art Fresh Mint Cool House *&%$ Donald Trump! Walking home!!

Athens, Greece – Monastiraki Square

We stumbled into this busy square as we walked back to the apartment! This was a tourist trap!  Nothing but shops, restaurants, people, more people, and pushy souvenir/trinket sellers!  One guy was trying to sell a sewing kit!!!  I thought is was dental floss!!  LoL!!!!  We picked a restaurant within the maze of streets back…

Athens, Greece – Roman Agora & Tower of Winds

An agora is a meeting place in ancient Greek city-states.  This agora was taken over by the Romans. The Tower of Winds is a Pentelic marble clock tower that functioned as a timepiece. S, xo Roman Agora The Tower of Winds

Athens, Greece – Aeropagus

The Areopagus is a big rock by the Acropolis that has a plaque of Apostle Paul’s Areopagus Sermon. This hill was once a court of justice where legend has it Ares was tried by the gods for murdering Poseidon’s son Halirrhothius. This rock offered a great view of Athens and the Acropolis! S,xo

Athens, Greece – Today’s Small Moments

Sunday, June 17th This day was a lazy morning of blogging then a thunderstorm/rainy  afternoon at the National Archaeological Museum. Here are the memorable moments during the day! Breakfast was bought at the corner cafe – a homemade cheese and ham pie!  DELICIOUS!!!! Zeus was at it again all day today making lightening and thunder…

Athens, Greece – A Greek Orthodox Mass

This morning I went to the 7:50am mass at the church I now know the name of: Ieros Naos Agiou Vasileiou, located just down the street.  As I settled in, I discretely tried to take pictures and capture a video.  I managed to capture three pictures and one video before I was greeted by the…