Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada – December Kayak Adventure

A Beautiful Day for a Winter Paddle

After a few months of online conversations, Michael and I had met in person for the first time over the Christmas holidays of 2014.

At this time I was an avid kayaker, as well as a sea kayak guide at East Coast Outfitters in Lower Prospect.

Michael was no stranger to adventure as he skydived competitively and for fun.

Wearing rented dry suits, we launched from East Coast Outfitters on a cold and clear December day.

Otter Island

We paddled to Otter Island with plans to picnic at a small cabin on the island.

After an enjoyable evening at the cabin, it was time to pack up and paddle back to base.

Night Paddle

I used to love paddling at night. This was fun, for sure and Michael seemed to enjoy this as much as I did!

An Adventure Sealed With a Kiss

We made it back to base, the dock at East Coast Outfitters, without issue! Our adventure was over and we sealed it with a kiss!

S, 🇨🇦

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  1. Yes I live there in Bedford. In the winter you are paddling in the winter..great images. Anita

    1. Thank you, Anita! We’re almost neighbours! We’re building on Long Lake in East Uniacke. 😊

      1. Stephanie we are neighbors. You are in there East Uniacke . Anita

  2. Looks beautiful, but cold!! Maggie

    1. It was cold, but made for an invigorating paddle! 😊

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