Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts

It could be a thing!

Mila, our nine-year-old granddaughter, pranked us on the eve of Christmas Eve!

Michael and I had just returned from some Christmas errands when mama (Michael’s daughter Patricia) and our grandkids, Mila and Laya, came downstairs with some chocolate dipped strawberries for us to try.

These sweet treats were made by Mila and very yummy!

Next, we tried her so called, chocolate covered peanut butter balls!

Good one Mila!

Funny note… I was told a few days before about the idea of Mila wanting to prank grandpa with chocolate covered brussel sprouts. I was thrilled with the idea! How fun!

Patricia had dropped me hints about the plan as it developed but I totally forgot!

I can see the moment I remember what was happening…

Grandpa…he just sailed right through eating the chocolate covered brussel sprouts… 😂

S, 🍫

Featured Image from HGTV – How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Brussel Sprouts

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