Lake William, Nova Scotia, Canada

Public Boat Launch

There is a public boat launch for Lake William at the Nova Scotia Land and Forestry office on the Waverley Road. This location is also known as ‘Lands and Forest depot’. There is room to maneuver a vehicle and boat trailer, but no parking is available.

Parking is typically on nearby Sibley Street.

Early Morning Autumn Paddle

With temperatures hovering around zero degrees and frost on my kayak, I was up and out and on the water by 8:30am!

With water temperatures warmer than the air, beautiful mists rose up from the lake. With my morning coffee on deck, I set out for an adventure!

Amazing Atmospheric Anomaly

Suddenly, a section of the mist took on a life of its own – turning into a funnel! It spun and spun – like a little twister, then slowly disappeared.

Bald Eagle

This magnificent bird made a sudden appearance as I approached a small island, landing in a tree just before me. We watched each other, then he took flight above me. It was a beautiful moment!

Meeting Ralph

There was one other kayaker on the lake this morning. We paddled towards each other, and had a wonderful chat! Ralph and two of his friends paddle the lake every morning until the end October. I was invited to join tomorrow morning, starting at 8:00am!

Autumn Colors

Nova Scotia has many beautiful features, including the leaves changing colors in autumn.


I had a wonderful moment of being in the right place at the right time as a floatplane came in for a landing! The pilot was approaching, saw me then pulled up to circle back around for a second approach to land appropriately, knowing I was there. This gave me the opportunity to take the video when he made his second approach to land.

Floatplane Landing

Floatplane Tours!

As I paddled towards the direction of the floatplane, I discovered more floatplanes and a floatplane tour company!

The plane I followed in, is a plane rented for tours Don owns the plane and has a humble sign promoting his business.

End or Beginning of Lake William

There is a bridge next to the floatplane dock. Beyond it was a beautiful paddle including beaver lodges and autumn colors! Here I came to the end or the beginning of the lake, I turned around and started back towards the bridge and past the float planes.

I hand-railed the Waverley Road side of Lake William, bringing me back to the launch site. Northwesterly winds had picked up, but I enjoyed the challenging of pushing into the wind as I made my way back.

I had a wonderful adventure!

S, 🍁

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  1. mama says:

    Stephanie, your day in words, pictures and nature are beyond amazing.🌁🛶☀️🦅 🛬🍂 🍁 I wish I was younger, and could have a day and follow you! Now that is on my bucket list!!!🤞🤞🤞
    Love ya mama🤗🥰💖

    1. Thanks mama! Love you, too! 🌼💛🌼

  2. ioana says:

    What a gorgeous spot 😍 one day I’ll come to Canada to visit all these beautiful places

    1. You’ll have to stop by and say hello!!! 🌼🌼🌼🌼

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