Mockingee Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mockingee or Mockingigh

I’m not sure of the exact spelling, as the lake is spelled two ways when searched on the Internet. Mockingee seems to be the most recognized, so I will use this spelling in this blog.

Access to Mockingee Lake via Falls Lake Boat Launch

There are two ways to access Mockingee Lake. First is using the public boat launch at Falls Lake Provincial Park. It’s tight, without any designated parking for those with boat trailers, like I have. There is minimal room to park at the launch site itself. You can park along the road into the park. It’s tight, but doable. The best view of the launch site, to see its size, is from the water.

There is another, nondescript boat launch onto Mockingee Lake, at the beginning of the New Ross Road.

I use the public boat launch at Falls Lake Park, because parking is better as it is off the main road.

Entering Mockingee Lake

I departed from Falls Lake boat launch, heading left towards a bridge that is above where Falls Lake and Mockingee Lake connect. It was a bit windy this day – winds about 9 knots out of the west. This determined my route to take the wind on first, then let the tailwind bring me home. This meant I started my circumnavigation route along the Highway #14 side of the lake, heading towards Chester.

Avon River

I discovered where the Avon River flows into Mockingee Lake. This was a fun find as I could paddle to the river, then return to the lake from behind a small grass island.

Funky Chicken Farm in Goose Neck Cove

This was unexpected! My first thought was I stumbled upon a hippy youth hostel, but it was a chicken farm! There were a variety of chickens and ducks, and goats!

Shinglemill Brook

Another fun discovery! This brook empties into Goose Neck Cove. I felt like I was transported to the Louisiana Bayous! Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about alligators!

Lovely Paddle

There is a beautiful property next to the lake. Someone was out mowing the grass, infusing the fresh air with that familiar smell of summer. I made my way back to the bridge, to take me back to the Falls Lake boat launch. I really enjoyed this paddle. I will note that this lake can become very busy with motorized boat traffic, and I hit it on a day when traffic was minimal.

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  1. Looks like a great paddle!

    1. It was a pleasant surprise for such a populated lake!

  2. Sunith says:

    Charming pictures Stephanie. Wish I could weave a story with them 😊

    1. Go ahead and use the pictures! Be fun to read your story!!! I’d be grateful if you would make a small note that the photos were taken by me and a link to my blog! Be a way to expand my audience!! A win-win!!! 🌼🎉🌻☀️

      1. Sunith says:

        Thank you for the offer. I will take it and give full credits to you👍🎈🎈

      2. Exciting!!!!!!! Thank you, Sunith!!!! 🙏🏻🌼🎉🌻☀️

      3. Sunith says:
        Hope you enjoy it.

      4. I sure did!!! I commented on your story!! 🌼🌼🌼🌼

      5. When you publish, let me know!!!!! 🌼☀️😃

      6. Sunith says:


  3. mama says:

    Stephanie, how peaceful and exiting as you discover beautiful Nova Scotia and it’s hidden gems for us to see! Shingle Mill Brook did resemble the Louisiana Bayous. Your pictures are perfect!👍One can get lost in your journey’s and be at peace.mama👵🏻🥰💖

    1. Thanks mama!!! 🌼🎉💛🌻

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