Nova Scotia, Canada – 2021 – Summer Moments

Kayaking – Have Trailer Will Travel!

This was the important moment of Summer 2021, being able to transport my kayak! This had me back on track for getting out there and paddling! Big shout out to my husband Michael, who assembled the trailer for me. Think IKEA. You’ll get the picture of the number of parts and patience needed to put it together. Thank you Bekah for your suggestions of a pool noodle and electric tape modifications so I don’t snap my boat into thirds from strapping her on so tightly!

Kayaking – West Hants Regional Municipality

I was hired to be part of the kayaking team with West Hants Regional Municipality! The kayaking program offers those without kayaks an opportunity to get out on the water and try kayaking! This was so much fun! I’m truly grateful to work alongside such talented, enthusiastic paddlers (Bekah, Steph, Glenn & Ray!) who are so passionate about bringing the sport of kayaking to the community!

Check out West Hants’ Facebook page: West Hants Parks and Rec

Kayaking – Long Lake, East Uniacke

This lake will eventually be my home base, as we have 5 acres of lakefront property on it that we will soon be developing and building our home on. This lake is quite large, unique in shape, mostly unpopulated and I’m told has close to forty islands to explore! I’ve used the public boat launch on Loon Point that is quite reasonable to maneuver my Jeep and trailer, but it is on the smaller size. The private launch site within Meek Arm Cove is quite steep and takes a lot of maneuvering to get down to the boat launch. It will be a treat when our property is developed enough that I can finally launch from our own shoreline!

Kayaking – Panuke Lake, Three Mile Plains

I’ve blogged about this paddle. You can read about it by clicking the link below for more details:

Panuke Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kayaking – Card Lake, East Chester

I’ve blogged about this paddle. You can read about it by clicking the link below for more details:

Card Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Crescent Beach, Lockeport

This was a lot of fun! No kayaking this day as it was too windy. The water was freezing cold and the wind added little warmth, but the sun was warm enough to make the visit pleasing.

However, what makes this beach really fun is being able to drive on it! I had a blast driving through the waves! Waves hitting the side of the Jeep splashed up and into it, soaking Michael! Well, not really but he did get a bit wet!

Funny story: The ladies riding the horses noticed the “Boobie Bouncer” sticker on my Jeep. They stopped to take a photo, because they were all laughing as they, too were riding “Boobie Bouncers” – only with four legs not four tires. One of the women on the horses looked at Michael, then looked at me and said with a smile, “I bet he’s a Boobie Bouncer, too!”

“He sure is!”, was my enthusiastic reply!!

True story!

Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia

I was nominated and appointed the volunteer position of Director of Kayak Development with Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia (CKNS). CKNS is the official voice of paddlers for the province of Nova Scotia. I am beyond excited about this new venture! Some of my goals include offering CKNS paddling tours across the province as well as promoting water safety and self and assisted rescues for recreational paddlers.

Click the link below to read more about Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia:

Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia

Here are photos from some of the CKNS paddles I’ve been a part of: The Wednesday Night Paddle and Ladies Night Paddle.

Wednesday Night Paddle – Birches Park, Dartmouth
Ladies Night Paddle – Birches Park, Dartmouth
Birches Park – Osprey Suppertime
Wednesday Night Paddle – Falls Lake, Vaughan

Meek Arm Cove – East Uniacke

We bought our property back in 2019. Just this summer, we’ve finally been able to access it as the construction of a bridge over a creek running down one side of our property was finally complete. We waited and watched as gravel roads were made, then shared driveways made, then eventually individual driveways into properties started with ours completed the end of July! This was very exciting for us!!!

Time With Family

This was lovely, as socializing with family was challenging this past year as a result of COVID. Life almost felt back to normal! It was so great to see my parents who I hadn’t seen since March of 2020. I left for British Columbia in March for Spring Break. COVID hit and that was where I stayed until returning to Nova Scotia in November to return to work.

I’m a relatively new member of Michael’s family, as Michael and I spent the first four years of our marriage in Qatar. As we slowly settle into our life together in Nova Scotia, I am gradually getting to know his family better as I step into the role of step-mom alongside Michael’s daughter, Patricia and an additional grandmother to her three children: Mila, Laya and Nathan. It’s a lot of fun getting to know everyone, and will be such an interesting journey watching the children grow up before our eyes. Among her many outstanding skills and accomplishments, Patricia is an incredibly talented athlete who trains clean and is Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) nationally qualified.

Time With Friends

I was finally able to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in so long! There is a lot of truth in the saying that great friends are like you’ve never been apart when you see each other for the first time after being apart! These ladies are absolutely inspiring and fun in such wonderful, unique ways! I’m so grateful for your friendship!

Anxiety Support Group

I was looking for an anxiety support group, then decided to start my own! It begins this upcoming September at the beautiful Clifton House Wellness Studio in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Click the link below to read more about this healing location:

Clifton House Wellness Studio

Random Moments

Brookfield. Shubenacadie. Windsor. Bedford. Chester.

Summer Rain Storms

July 23rd – Sudden Rainstorm
July 27th – A dramatic Rain and hailstorm

End of Summer

My favorite time of summer is the end of August. Everything feels sun soaked and warm; rich in colors and textures with so much life everywhere. I love watching bright fluffy clouds pass overhead while looking for shapes in them, walking beaches or fields with grasshoppers springing up all around me. I love the chirps of ospreys and the feel of warm lake water dripping down on my hands as I paddle under a clear blue sky.

I enjoyed this summary of my summer. This allowed me time to digest everything and reflect back on how fantastic a summer I had, when sometimes the business of it makes me forget the small, joyful details that are the fabric of this fantastic summer!

I hope you had a wonderful summer, too!

S, 🌻

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  1. mama says:

    What a perfect ( inclusive ) recap to a perfect summer. You brightened up the rainy days and you made the total use of the sunshine. Really enjoyed your photo’s and video’s …Love you lots & lots 👵🏻💗💗💗

    1. Thanks, mama!!!! It was a great summer!! 🌼🎉💛☀️🥰

  2. Wow Stephanie! You’ve had a very busy summer! Thanks for the recap! Looks like an exciting and fun future ahead! I can’t wait to read all about it!

    1. You’re so wonderful, Yvonne!! Thank you!! 🌼🙏🏻🌼🙏🏻🌼🙏🏻

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