Snow Day!

With 40+ centimeters of snow burying Atlantic Canada during the night, Michael and I woke to a winter wonderland! We attempted to go snowboarding at Martock, a nearby ski/snowboarding hill, but couldn’t get out of the driveway! Instead, we took a short walk and played in the snow! The deep snow made walking challenging, so we headed back to the warmth of the cabin for breakfast!

Our neighbor Melvin, who is a full time resident here, kindly cleared our driveway for us! Thank you, Melvin!!

Happy Snow Day!!!

S, ❄️

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  1. Stephanie this is gorgeous snow! I love it and hope you’re enjoying every precious moment!

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    1. Thank you, Yvonne!!!!! You, too!!!!!!! 🌻💛🎉🌻🎉💛


  2. Beautiful. Great snowshoeing weather.

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    1. Agreed!!! We’ve talked about purchasing some snow shoes and it a go!!


  3. Librarylady says:

    So glad you were able to enjoy the snow. It’s so beautiful, and always fun to go back in and make hot chocolate. Fun pictures.

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    1. Agreed!!!! Thank you!!!!!! ❄️❄️🎉🎉❄️❄️


  4. mama says:

    So nice to see you both having fun in so much DEEP NEW SNOW!💑 It is fun to fall back in the snow like Michael did.Wonderful having good neighbours like Melvin to plow your way out.🌨❄️🌨❄️

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  5. Monica Singh says:

    Stunning pictures.. so scenic and calming. I love the countryside vibes.

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    1. Thank you Monica! 😊😊😊


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