Christmas Eve Day, 2020 – Burntcoat Head Park, Noel, Nova Scotia

Continuing Our Traveling Tradition

Since Michael and I married in 2015, we’ve traveled every Christmas Break. This Christmas, COVID changed how our Christmas would unfold, so with Michael in quarantine over the holidays – I took Christmas Eve Day to go on a local adventure to continue our traveling tradition!

The Drive

Nova Scotia has so much beauty with a variety of natural wonders. We’ve everything from a few ski hills on the Appalachian Low Mountains to a variety of archipelagos such as the 100 Wild Islands. Funny side-note…I’m from Nova Scotia and my friend Christine, who lives in British Columbia, told me about wanting to kayak the 100 Wild Islands when she visits us. I had never heard of this archipelago in Nova Scotia, and I’m from here!

Burntcoat Head Park is located in the community of Noel, on the Minus Basin.

The drive to Burntcoat Head Park takes you through some of the beautiful back country roads of Nova Scotia, situated along the Minus Basin, that is a part of the Bay of Fundy.

Burntcoat Head Park – Site of the World’s Highest Tides

My last minute decision to visit the park happily coincided with low tide. To be honest, I didn’t even think about the tides. I was lucky to hit the park at the right time! Low tide is the best time to visit, as you are able to walk around and explore Flowerpot Island and the beach!

According to, “The height of the tide difference ranges from 3.5 meters (11ft) along the southwest shore of Nova Scotia and steadily increases as the flood waters travel up the 280 km (174 miles) of shoreline to the head of the Bay where, in the Minas Basin, the height of the tide can reach an incredible 16 meters (53ft).”

Here is the link to the park’s website, including directions on how to get there:

Burntcoat Head Park

Flowerpot Island

Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy has a very distinct look. Flowerpot Island was named after a flowerpot because the trees growing up from it look like a plant in a pot. Its distinctive shape was created by tidal erosion. The powerful force of the water gradually cuts away at the softer rock, leaving this unique formation on the beach, that can be visited and enjoyed during low tide!

As a result of the Minus Basin’s incredible tide variance, the island’s edges and surfaces located beneath the tide lines are covered in a brilliant green algae. It’s like a magical green carpet!

Climbing the green algae edges was slippery, therefore exploring the caves above the tide line wasn’t an option for me, this day anyway!

Burntcoat Head Park, Canada & Wadi Rum, Jordan

Interesting comparisons!

As I explored Flowerpot Island more closely, appreciating its rock formations shaped by the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy, I was immediately reminded of the rock formations of Wadi Rum, in the country of Jordan. Michael and I spent eight days traveling across Jordan, Wadi Rum was one of the highlights. This desert valley, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a world famous travel destination, and a popular movie set location for top budget Hollywood movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Martian and Rogue One: Star Wars.

With the Bay of Fundy’s unique landscapes, maybe Disney will consider Nova Scotia as a possible location to film the next season of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian!

Driftwood, Nova Scotia & Driftwood, British Columbia!

Driftwood lined beaches are not common in Nova Scotia, as they are along the beaches of British Columbia. I noticed these trees washed up on the beach and thought of British Columbia!

White Tree of Gondor?

This birch tree along an outcropping reminded me of Lord of the Rings’ White Tree of Gondor!

Magical Ice on Christmas Eve Day

Ice formations were an interesting, magical discovery – especially as it was Christmas Eve Day!

Shapes in Nature

I was fascinated by the variety of naturally occurring shapes along the beach!


There is lots of beauty here! And mud! The mud flats of the Bay of Fundy make for messy boots!

If The Tide Had Been High

I would have been swimming! Check out my GPS location according to Google Maps!

Why the Name Burntcoat?

Come Visit One of the Many Beautiful Locations Within Nova Scotia’s Ocean Playground

Maybe, I’ll see you there!

S, 🇨🇦

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    These are amazing pictures!

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  2. Wow, looks gorgeous!

    1. It is!!! I’ll be returning, with Michael!!!

  3. mama says:

    You really captured the beauty of Burntcoat Head Park. We have been there many times, at low tide and rushing to beat the water to shore. Thanks for the memories Stephanie.mama 👵🏻🤗💜

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