Victoria, British Columbia to Upper Vaughan, Nova Scotia

Victoria – Early Morning Run

I started my last day in British Columbia with a 5km run. I wasn’t sure of the area. As I started out, I was happy to stumble across a trail – which shouldn’t have surprised me – walking trails are a common feature of the varied locations I visited on Vancouver Island.

My run started out with some blue skies and sunshine, into a rainstorm, then back to some blue skies and sunshine! It was exhilarating!

Victoria International Airport – The Rainbow

After my run, it was time to head to the Victoria International Airport. This brought a mix of so many emotions…

My reason for return to Nova Scotia and not staying with Michael in British Columbia to the very end – of packing his belongings into a U-Haul, leaving the house up for sale, and then driving across Canada to Nova Scotia – was a job offer I couldn’t refuse.

I would miss out on the adventure of the drive across Canada with Michael, yes – but I was stepping back into my life in Nova Scotia with a job that offered financial security during these uncertain times of COVID.

I was also sad to be apart from Michael, again. 2020 is known for a lot of things. For me, it is also the year Michael and I spent most of it apart as we sorted out logistics and responsibilities to bring us to the chapter of settling in Nova Scotia.

However, time apart for any couple can be good for many reasons. It can be a time for reflection, growth and appreciation of each other.

The rainbow that greeted us as we approached the airport was, to me, a symbol of hope that all was as it should be…


I was hoping to see the Rockies during my flight…but we flew over the United States. The mountains in the pictures are the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Winthrop, Washington. There were other interesting land formations during the flight, including jagged coastline along a lake and fields with interesting geometrical shapes!

What really caught my eye were the vibrant yellows and purplish pink hues of the setting sun…

Upper Vaughan, Nova Scotia – Back Up on the Low Mountain!

Life really is about coming full circle, again and again, in so many ways.

I’m back where I started before my unexpected 8 month stay on Vancouver Island. This time though, I’m in a nicer cabin! This cabin up in the low mountain will be our temporary home as we develop our land and build our geodesic dome home in East Uniacke.

I’m Day 8 of the required 14 Days of COVID quarantine!

Interesting times we are in….

Learning to go with the flow, and embrace change are skills I’ve definitely strengthened this year….

S, 🍁

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  1. That was the perfect rainbow! Congratulations on your job offer too, that’s fantastic news 🙂 2020 has certainly been a strange year and difficult in many ways. A challenge for sure! I hope quarantine is going ok and you are keeping well!

    1. I survived quarantine!! Looking forward to the end of 2020 and the fresh start of a new year ahead!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope your 2021 is filled with lots of laughter, love and joy!! 🎄🎄🌻🎉🥳

      1. Hooray!! I’m glad you survived ok 🙂 Thank you and wishing you a very Merry Christmas too. I hope 2021 brings better things for us all 🙂 Take good care!!

      2. Agreed!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous rainbow! Congrats on the job!! Best of luck and I wish you much happiness! xo

    1. Same to you, Yvonne!!! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

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