Ripple Rock Trail – Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The Story of Ripple Rock

Ripple Rock, or “Old Rip” as it was called – was one of the most “notorious marine hazards in North America”. The twin-peaked rock in Seymour Narrows took many ships and lives. In 1958, the largest man-made, non-nuclear explosion in history removed the rock, allowing for safe passage.

The Trail

Located about 15km north from downtown Campbell River, the trail is 4km to the peak overlooking Seymour Narrows, where Ripple Rock once was. As we started out, a young black bear crossed the path ahead of us – more scared of us, then we were of her.

The trail isn’t a steady incline to a summit. It is a curvy down, up, down, up to bring you to the end of the trail.

It was a relatively rigorous hike – with exposed tree roots and steep inclines – with lots of beauty along the way. The forest feels old…magical…

Ripple Rock

The final leg of the trail has been made easier to climb with a set of stairs. At the top, the view is breathtaking. The current flowing through Seymour Narrows is a bit shocking to see because it is so strong!

We enjoyed this hike! It offered us the right amount of challenge we were looking for, with beautiful scenery along the way.

S, 🌻

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  1. From your photos, I feel like we are there with you! What an amazing magical hike! Thank you for sharing Stephanie!! 🌻💛🌻💛

    1. Thank you for reading my blog!!!! 🌻💛🌻💛

      1. It was indeed my pleasure!!🌻💛🌻💛

  2. mama says:

    A magical day’s hike. Stephanie, you have captured the area in spades. Glad we were able to see nature and all it’s beauty in your photo’s. ( p.s. found Michael 🌲🕶) mama 🤗🥰💜 Lady looking great in red💜💜💜

    1. Thanks mama!!! 🍁🥰⛰🍁

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