Vancouver Island, British Columbia – Strathcona Provincial Park – Alpine Trees and Meadows

We’re in The Alpine

“We’re in the Alpine now,” is a common observation as hikers make their way up a mountain. The terrain starts to change because of increased elevation; it becomes sparse with beautiful meadows and trees that grow differently – they are shorter, twisted and gnarly.

Strathcona Provincial Park

Turning off the Inland Island Highway, heading towards Strathcona Provincial Park, is a steady incline up, past the Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

It was raining this day, our plan was to walk a short loop from the parking lot and back.


Our short walk was mostly on a well-kept boardwalk, protecting the meadows from foot-traffic.

Alpine Trees and Meadows

I do not know how to identify the species of trees, as they look very similar to me. I know there are fir, spruce, hemlock and cedar trees. Specifically, with the help of Vancouver Island Big Trees: Identify Trees, there are Douglas-fir, Sitka Spruce, Mountain Hemlock, Western Hemlock, Amabilis-fir, and the Western Red-cedar. Cedar trees are the easiest to identify- because their leaves are very distinct. If anyone can identify the trees I’ve photographed, I’d be grateful!

There are small signs along the trail, identifying the variety of flora, however I didn’t seem to locate any near the trees I photographed.

We will be back again to walk the trails, for a longer walk next time – taking us further up the mountain!

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    1. Thank you Bestie!!! 🌻💛🌻

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    Great to see you both out enjoying BC and all it offers. They sure know how to maintain the beautiful parks with their well-kept boardwalk. mama 💝💝

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