My Adventure With Six White-Tailed Deer

Mama Deer

I arrived at a friend’s home to take photos of my husband’s co-owed airplane stored in a barn on the property. When I pulled into the driveway, I was greeted by a deer! She didn’t seemed bothered by me, in the least. I was able to get pretty close to her. I thought maybe she was sick, as one of her eyes was clouded over, and that was why she didn’t run from me. I didn’t want to spook her, so I backed off and continued on my purpose, and headed towards the barn.

Two Young Deer and a Juvenile Buck

I walked a few feet towards the barn and discovered a delightful surprise of three more deer! One was laying in front of the barn door! They were not as tame as mama deer up in the driveway. These deer made their way to the woods, next to the barn.

I Found Them Down by the Garden

This group didn’t go far! As I proceeded with taking pictures of the airplane, I watched the trio walk from the woods, and further down the property. After my job was complete, I went looking for them! The young buck had walked into the woods, the two baby deer followed at their own pace.

Hanging Out With Mama Deer

I returned to the car, to find mama deer still resting in the driveway. I decided to join her. I was able to get relatively close. We sat there, together. Watching each other. Relaxing with each other. She didn’t appear sick, just used to humans!

I Look Behind Me….

And a big buck is staring at me! Bigger than the one I saw down by the barn! Another buck steps out, and both of them join mama deer. They hang out for a bit, then make their way behind the barn.

But, There Are More…

The babies have returned and want to join, but are wary of me. So, mama goes up to her babies!

I Look for the Bucks

I go in search of the bucks and find them behind the barn! They weren’t the least bit scared of me. One was actually curious of me!

My heart was overflowing with love! The deer here in Campbell River, British Columbia are quite relaxed with their human neighbors. It’s such an amazing aspect of this place, how nature is respected and lived along with.

S, 🦌

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  1. I am so delighted by your post Stephanie! This whole experience (and the photos to add to the excitement) just made my heart sing for you! I wish I could have been there with you, but at least with the photos, I feel like I was! Thank you for sharing! I love that sweet deer family who allowed you to have such a blessed experience with them! There’s nothing like bonding with wildlife! 🦌💕

    1. Agreed!!! 🌻🦌🌻

  2. Wow, so many and they didn’t get spooked! Great pics!

    1. Thank you!!! 🌻🦌

  3. mama says:

    You are very special Stephanie to be one with … and at peace with a family of white tailed deer. 🦌🦌🦌Love the time you and mama deer spent together…How peaceful, and such a gift. Excellent photo’s.
    Peaceful memories…👵🏻❤️🥰

    1. Thank you mama!!!! 🌻🦌🌻

  4. M'bolla says:

    Waoh! Interesting search. Lol

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