Kayaking – Quadra Island – British Columbia

 Discovery Islands Archipelago 

Quadra Island is located within the Discovery Islands archipelago, in the Straight of Georgia, between the eastern shore of Campbell River, Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. To read more about the Discovery Islands, click here.

David Suzuki has a house along the coastline of Quadra Island. I stopped by for a visit, but he was busy! Kidding!!!

Campbell River to Quadra Island – BC Ferries

The ferry ride to Quadra Island from Campbell River is about 10 minutes long. It is a pleasant ride, as most ferry rides are – weather depending of course!

Quadra Island Kayaks

I rented a kayak and gear from Quadra Island Kayaks. This family run outfitters welcomed me, and confidently rented out to me as I am an experienced kayaker with the skills necessary to paddle alone. Safety First!

Starting Out…..

Some Mid-day Traffic – Canada Geese

Hyacinthe Bay – Starts to Rain

I love paddling in the rain! There is gentleness to it. A harshness to it. Either way, it makes for a great paddle! The rain started as a gentle patter, transitioning to raining sideways.

Spirit of the Eagle

As the rain transitioned sideways – pelting at my face – I paddled along the shoreline and noticed an eagle up on cliffside…

The most mysterious picture appeared! Some might say optical effect from my iPhone. Other’s might say I photographed the eagle’s Great Spirit as he soared above me…..

Just as the eagle flew out of sight the rain stopped and the sun appeared!! For real!!

It was an incredible moment!!

Time for Lunch!

I discovered a little beach, that matched a stopping place on the chart and didn’t appear privately owned, to stop for lunch!

Post-lunch Moments – Making My Way Back to the Dock

The rain had moved on to open up space for sun! Then just as quickly as it blew away, the rain returned!

Trees are very sacred on Vancouver Island. It’s apparent how revered trees are, indicated by the many local artisan tree paintings, tree car stickers and trees tattooed on locals. Especially the solitary tree. That is why I have taken a selfie with one while kayaking!

Just as large driftwood logs line the land shoreline, oysters line the underwater shoreline! Their empty shells scattered along the small beach I had lunch on.

My favorite time to paddle is 5:00pm. This is when the ocean seems to relax. Swells seem to dissipate. There is a peaceful calmness on the water at this time of day.

You’ll see this calmness in the last few pictures of this gallery.


I had a few seals curious of me. Both seals looked at me. Looked at me again. Then seemingly satisfied, dove back under the sea!

Back to the Dock

The paddle back to the dock brought two black oystercatchers, and the return of the Great Blue Heron – who seems to be a resident of the dock!

Heading Home

After returning and rinsing my gear, I said goodbye to the family who owns Quadra Island Kayaks. The family has two puppies – timber wolf and Shepard mix. One jumped in the rinse bucket!

Back at Quathiaski Bay, I waited for the 7:00pm ferry back to Campbell River, on Vancouver Island.

I had a wonderful paddle and look forward to another adventure on the water!

S, 🦅

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  1. projectzachor says:

    Wow, beautiful photo’s and looks like an incredible day for you. Thank you for sharing your adventure, bestie! ♥️

    1. Thanks Bestie!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. uzzawal1911 says:

    Amazing pictures, looks like a lot of fun👌

    1. Thank you!!!! It was a lot of fun!!! And thank you for reading my blog!! 🌻

  3. Inspires me to return to BC…lovely photos.

    1. It is so absolutely lovely here! Thank you for reading my blog!! 🌻🌻🌻

  4. Looks so peaceful. Great place for a kayak!

    1. I’m hoping to come across some whales. Not really guaranteed in the bay, but a humpback made a visit the day before my paddle – opposite area I paddled. I paddled in the most safe, sheltered areas because I’m not yet familiar with the waters. As my confidence with sensibility grows as I learn the area, I will paddle where the whales come in…. now THAT will be something if I get to see a whale while kayaking!!! I’m a bit nervous that a whale will surface under me… I’ll talk the to the family who owns the outfitters I rent from about that! How often that happens and the possibility of it happening.

      1. That would be amazing!!

      2. And kinda, no a lot, scary!! Scary, at first I think, when the whale surfaces, startling me – making sure I don’t tip over in my shock! Then perhaps, once the moment settles in – there will be incredible peace as I watch the whale from a safe distance!

      3. Haha!! It would be very scary! Can’t wait for the post!

      4. Eep!!!! Me to!!! 🤪🤣🐳

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