Half Marathon Training – Weeks 22-24 – Badass and Heart Centered

13 Weeks to Half Marathon

My goal is to run the Valley Harvest Half Marathon, on Sunday, October 11th, 2020 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 21.1km.

Transition From 7km to 10km Per Run

Total Kilometers Per Week

Week 22 – 35.12km

Week 23 – 39.38km

Week 24 – 60.12km

Personal Best – Friday, June 26th – Pace – 6’59”

Personal Best – Longest Run – Sunday, July 12th – 20km

This was a Fitbit disaster. There seems to be a couple of inconsistencies to what the Fitbit indicates and what actually happened! Of all runs for this happen, my longest run yet!

I started my run at 12:48pm. I have proof outside of my Fitbit as I sent my husband a text just before I started running.

I turned around at exactly 10.00km to head back to where I started to equal 20.00km

My Fitbit died at 17.49km

I arrived at my doorstep at 3:30pm exactly. I know this because I immediately walked into the kitchen for a drink of water and looked at the time on the stove. 3:30pm.

Here is where the discrepancy lies:

  • According to Fitbit my run lasted 3:37:47 min.
  • I left at 12:38pm and arrived home at 3:30pm. That equals = 2:52 min
  • My pace should be approximately 7’66” per kilometre
  • Fitbit has me at 12’26”

It is a bit frustrating as it was my hardest and longest run yet. Oh well! I will have more of these long runs before October. What I don’t understand is why my Fitbit ran out of battery life so soon and these discrepancies. I’ll post about this on the Fitbit community page and share this experience.

Final Thoughts – Badass and Heart Centered

Running each day, for me, has so many variables. How strong I feel. My emotional state. The weather on Vancouver Island has been on the cool side, fresh and changes from rain to sunshine at any given moment. Therefore, humidity mixed with high temperatures has not been a factor.

Running on gravel pathways offers more challenge as I watch my footing to prevent slipping on wet stones or tripping over tree roots. Running on asphalt is easier, but harder on my feet and legs. My route is mainly dirt and gravel pathways along walking/biking routes in the woods.

I feel pleased with my progress. Running is an activity that has given me a sense of accomplishment and mastery as I slowly improve, becoming stronger with every step. I feel fit. Losing weight has been an added bonus, but not my main motivator now. I think losing weight was what motivated me back in the beginning, January 2020, when I first started running. I had gained a LOT of weight, struggled with addiction and wanted to change my lifestyle. My main motivator now is because I love how running makes me feel. I feel badass because I can improve my running and feel like a warrior – overcoming my mind and pushing the limits of my body. I feel heart-centered after a run because it clears all the emotional baggage – I feel great!!! I also get some of my best ideas while running!

However, I do enjoy seeing the layers of fat dissolve around my hips, belly, face and upper arms. I feel proud of how my body is evolving into a slimmer, healthier version of myself.

If I can do this, so can you!

If I can run 20km, so can you!!!

Like Nike says, “Just do it!”

S, 🏃🏼‍♀️

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  1. I’m SOOOO impressed! Keep up the great work Joyful Stephanie!! 🌻💛🌻💛🦋

  2. dtreez says:

    You are awesome! So inspiring! My Fitbit doesn’t register my tae Kwon do automatically so I know the pain!

    1. I think you and I have a lot in common – we are both on a healing journey as we find our way in this crazy world. We both enjoy exercise and writing as a way to process and heal….

      Tae Kwon Do!!! Wow!!! Learning a martial art has always been something I’ve wanted to learn – but patience in the small steps of learning is not my strongest skill….maybe one day….!!!!

      You’re very awesome yourself! You work very hard at finding your way!!! It is such a journey…. 🌻🌻🌻

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