Martock Ski Hill – Learning to Snowboard – Lesson II

Martock Ski Hill

It was a beautiful day to snowboard! Yes, it was cold, but the sun was a warm kiss on my cheeks!!

Feeling Nervous – Remembering The Night I Practiced on My Own!

I am grateful to be using a borrowed snowboard, but it is not a good fit for me and the bindings have a mind of their own. I spent most of this evening of practice either trying to do up the bindings and then get up or struggling to undo the bindings when I wiped out on the Bunny Hill. Very dangerous when I wasn’t able to quickly get out of the way, because I couldn’t unlatch the bindings. I found myself very frustrated. At times I had to ask people to help me undo the bindings so I could get out of the way. It was embarrassing! But, oh well!!! LOL!!

Review of Heel Edge

My instructor Scott was all business, with very few words except how to snowboard! He immediately noticed the board I was using was not a good fit for me, and as I did – struggled with the bindings. Once we had that sorted out, he started with a review of straight-down on heel edge and what I call the zig-zag down the hill on my heel edge. The smallest of weight transfers to the foot, with hips, shoulders and head all facing in that direction. Come back to straight down, then transition to the other foot, other direction. I was successful enough as we reviewed this, that he decided to move me onto the dreaded toe edge!!!

Toe Edge

This is leaning up on my toes, edging the side of the board under my toes into the snow. Lifting up my heels, with equal distribution of weight on both toes, and lifting up the back of the board – just a wee bit. Fine motor skills at its finest!! LOL!!! It’s finding that sweet spot – and riding it. Eventually I did one small run of zig zagging on my toe edge!!!

My New Snowboard!

Scott and I went to Cleve’s sport shop at the hill to buy me my own board and bindings! He helped to pick out a board that suits my beginner style, and one that I won’t grow out of. Here she is!! My new bindings were in a box. They are being assembled, if that is what you call it, attached to my board and ready for me tomorrow night, when I arrive for another snowboarding lesson, at 5:00pm with Scott!

Thank You Scott!


S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Sounds like Scott is a good instructor. Now with a snowboard that meets your needs and staying on the bunny hill( 😍 ) you will be safe.🙏🏼 Oh a mothers nerves😳🤗❤️

  2. Margie says:

    I have never snowboarded but my son is quite an expert.
    And before too long Stephanie I can see you being an awesome snowboarder!
    I so enjoyed this post!
    You look so happy 🙂
    Have a great Monday, Stephanie <3

    1. Snowboarding is so hard!! But, I really want to learn how to do it!! One lesson at a time!! 🙂

      1. Margie says:

        Yes, it’s hard .
        I tried a long time ago but gave it up.
        You will do well. ♡

      2. Thanks Margie!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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