Huatulco, Mexico – Day 4 – Tangolunda Bay, Tangolunda Beach, Resort Crashing, Margaritas & Sand Boobies

This morning was the only morning I did not run while on vacation. I was done after an eleven hour night of sleep. Michael and I lazed around, “wink-wink”….then headed off to Sabor a Mi for breakfast!

Next, we hailed down a taxi. Taxis do not have meters in Huatulco. Prices are set on location. The fare from Chahué Bay to Tangolunda Bay was 60 pesos. Tip if you like, but as we found out later from long-term Canadian snowbirds in Huatulco, tipping means we are willing to easily part ways with our money, therefore why not raise the prices? Not sure how I feel about that? Not sure I agree.

Tangolunda Bay Look-off

Our taxi driver stopped here, without us asking, to take our pictures at this popular tourist location. This is what earned his tip. Couldn’t help ourselves….

Entrance to Tangolunda Beach

This was a drive down un unmarked dirt road to a small, rustic parking lot. Here, our taxi driver dropped us off, pointing to the path leading to the beach.

Tangolunda Beach

Michael and I found a perfect spot and settled in for the afternoon!

Crashing Barcelo Huatulco

Michael and I were hungry. Resorts lined over half of the beach. We decided to find a restaurant in one of them. Dressed, well me, in a bikini. Michael a bit more sun-wary in a t-shirt with our knapsack.

This entrance caught our attention…

This was fun! We basically walked directly up into an outdoor dining area of Barcelo Huatulco. We were greeted by a server, who welcomed us. He instructed to join the buffet lunch, we had to buy tickets at the main reception desk. Off we went, and bought tickets! Next, we were seated, but I had to covered up before entering the buffet! Cover up with a cloth table napkin! 🙂

Notice my bare feet! Well, we were stopped within the buffet by a server, informing us we had to have shoes on. But we didn’t have shoes with us! Okay!

That was easy!

Next came the free drinks with the buffet….our first margaritas!!!

A number of free beverages in…and full bellies…we were ready to walk back to our spot and chill out for a while! This was when we came across sand boobies!

Sand Boobies

This was SO funny, because the woman being buried in the sand didn’t look too pleased. When we approached and giggled at her sand boobies….her modesty prevailed!

After a relaxing rest, Michael and I walked back to Barcelo Huatulco. Here, we hailed a taxi at the main entrance to take us home. Back at our Airbnb apartment, still full of food and drink, and quite tired from the sun…we settled in for the evening….where we both crashed early and slept for another full evening!!

Buenas noches!

S, 🙂

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  1. Nancy Batty says:

    You had lunch very close to our resort. We were on the same bay. In fact, we can see the resort in one of the pictures (the one on the hill with the towers). It is so nice (and different from other places I’ve been in Mexico) that you can buy a meal at the resorts. Way more accommodating to locals.

    1. That was the fun of it, being allowed in, but we stilled called it crashing!! LOL!! It’s a great area ‘eh!!! 🙂 <3

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