Huatulco, Mexico – Day 3 – Chahué Beach, Brown Pelicans & Mini Coronas

Morning Run to Chedraui Grocery Store & Chahué Beach

This morning, part of my running destination was down to the beachside strip of Chahué Bay, to locate Chedraui, to have a better understanding of the layout of the neighborhood.

2019 - December - La Crucecita, Huatulco, Mexico - Morning run to Chedraui then Chahué Beach!

I easily found the grocery store, as it is so large and not easy to miss! Next stop, Chahué Beach to see the sunrise!

Sunrise at Chahué Beach

My run time increased by a few minutes from the day before – bringing me up to 29:57 minutes. My distance wasn’t as far, at 3.46 km. I was still pleased!

As I turned to start my walk back to our rented Airbnb apartment, I once again stopped for a moment to admire the beauty of the mountains in the distance.

2019 - December - Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico -  Mountains in the distance

This government building is located just up from the main strip of Chahué Bay.

2019 - Christmas Break - La Crucecita, Huatulco, Mexico - walking the neighborhood - this was confusing because Santa Cruz was a neighboring bay

Am I In Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, La Crucecita or Chahué Bay?

From this angle, you can’t see the employee sitting at a desk just to the right of the main door. I was confused about how locations in the area are labeled. The name on this building is Santa Cruz, Huatulco. But, Santa Cruz is the next bay over. This area is considered the transition point from Chahué Bay to La Crucecita or from La Crucecita to Chahué Bay. But is Chahué Bay a part of La Crucecita? To add to the confusion – when I used my iPhone to take pictures, Goodle Maps tagged some of the photo locations along Chahué Bay as Santa Maria. Santa Maria is a non-coastal town located 30 minutes away. I asked the employee about this. She did not speak English. This is where Google Translate sure came in handy!! The friendly employee was not able to understand my questions, as I used hand gestures with a questioning look saying only these words: La Crucecita, Chahué Bay, Santa Cruz and Santa Maria? I pulled out Google translate to help. This was the only clarity I received:

2019 - December - Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico - Google Translate sure came in handy! This was not the last time I would use this!

This was not the last time I used Google Translate!!! It sure helped, as I speak ZERO Spanish!! LOL!!!!

La Crucecita

My walk back to our rented Airbnb apartment allowed me more time to take in more of this colorful neighborhood. I loved the vivid colors of the homes, trees, flowers and birds!

Interestingly enough, as I walked I noticed a lack of stray cats and dogs. Then, as if on cue…this cutie showed up to say hello! But, I had another thought… There were other dogs – obviously owned by wearing a collar – who were roaming free in an area. So, hard to say if this was a stray dog or not? The lack of collar may indicate so, or not!

An example is this little cutie, with a red Christmas bow tie, was roaming free, sniffing garbage bags piled at a corner for pick-up.

2019 - December - La Crucecita, Huatulco, Mexico -  Little poodle out for a stroll!

Walk to Chahué Bay

Michael was up and we started our day!

El Pibe de La Plata

We decided we would go for breakfast at the restaurant I tried yesterday, El Pibe de La Plata!

First thing I noticed was the price change from yesterday’s menu to today’s menu – the exact same menu, but the stickers were different!

I ordered the hot cakes option, Michael ordered what I had yesterday!

My hotcakes were delicious – that sweet, syrupy carnation milk-like sauce was TASTY!!!

2019 - December - Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico -  El Pibe de La Plata - Hotcakes this morning!

Michael ordered exactly what I ordered the day before. His breakfast was vastly different than mine! Maybe that’s the reason for the price increase?

Sweet girl at the restaurant!

2019 - December - Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico -  El Pibe de La Plata - Sweet girl at the table next to ours!

Chahué Beach

Michael and I spent the afternoon here! It was a beautiful day, the water was so clear and refreshing!

Brown Pelicans

This was a delight for me, as these birds were so large! Like Pterodactyls on Isla Nublar! These brown pelicans would, every time we were at this beach, fly in V formation towards Santa Cruz Bay.

Magnificent Frigatebird – Nope

These birds were so beautiful, but never once did I have my camera out in time to capture a picture of one. I did however, capture these two pictures – hoping they were the Magnificent Frigatebird!

After a few hours, the sun’s heat was enough! Again, the mountains in the distance, behind Chahué Beach always made me stop to admire them!

2019 - December - Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico - Chahué Beach - Mountains in the distance, behind the beach

Walk Along The Resort Area Of Chahué Bay

Michael and I walked to Chedraui grocery store. Here are a few pictures as we walked along the resort strip on our way there. This area was a bit of a ghost town – not a lot of people here. The area was bright with vivd colors of nature and beautiful architecture & design!

At Chedraui, we bought a roast chicken, some fruits, veggies, beer and pastries! When we arrived home, I didn’t realize the cold Coronas I pulled from the beer fridge were MINI bottles!! The little ham and cheese pastries were TASTY!!!!!!!

And that was our day!!! Exhaustion took over both of us. Especially me, as we later deduced that my sleeping from 5:07pm – 6:30am the next morning had something to do with my two day exposure to the sun! Maybe, maybe not? I wasn’t sick or vomiting. Just exhausted. Oh well!!

Buenas tardes!

S, ❤

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