Huatulco, Mexico – Day 2 – Chahué Beach, Dos Equis, Shrimp Tacos & Michael Arrives!

My Early Morning Run from La Crucecita to Chahué Bay & Chahué Beach

After a great night sleep, I woke early to get up and out for a run! Sunrise was I was up and out at that time.

As I started my run, I carried a small bag of garbage with me, as I wasn’t quite sure where to put it yet. I would ask my Airbnb host later that day. There wasn’t a public garbage can in site, despite the lack of garbage and litter in the neighborhood! It was impressive actually, how clean the neighborhood was, with so little public garbage cans around. People didn’t seem to litter!

I spotted a man attending a garden, in a fenced off property under construction. I called to him, “buenos dias”, and he replied in kind. I held up my small bag of garbage, shrugged my shoulders and looked around – using body language to indicate I had no place to put my garbage. He took if from me, as there was a pile of garbage on site. I thanked him so much for his kindness and took this picture! Kindness is such a memorable moment!

2019 - La Crucecita, Huatulco, Mexico - Kind man who took my small bag of garbage for me.

As I found my comfortable running pace, I started to notice how many people were out walking dogs! I actually had a thought that I could write a blog specifically on locals and their dogs! There was every kind of dog from small to large, mixed breed to pure breed. Most of the male dogs were not neutered.

I made my way down to Chahué Bay and Chahué Beach, where I was shocked at how many people were there, up this early in the morning! It was as if they were at the beach to watch the sun rise.

I continued running, past the beach along a resort strip that lead back to the main beachside strip of Chahué Bay.

Here, I passed this abandoned food truck with Ferdinand the bull & Frida Kahlo painted on it.

Chahué Beach, Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico - Ferdinand the bull & Frida Kahlo painted on an abandoned food truck

I had pushed past yesterday’s run to Chahué Beach, running further to a total time of 30:28 minutes, 3.54 km!! I was so pleased with myself!

Chahué Beach, Chahué Bay, Huatulco, Mexico - Pushing myself a little further - to 30:28 minutes - 3.54 km!!!

My walk home to our rented Airbnb apartment revealed an early morning community starting its Saturday morning routine.

As I was walking, I was messaging my friend Laura, who is from Caracas, Venezuela, and vacationing with her family in southern Argentina. I was asking Laura how to reply when someone says “buenos dias” to me. Laura helped me along, as well as showing me a video of penguins, located that far south in Argentina. I started to laugh so hard, thinking of the movie, “Happy Feet” because penguins are such goofy little critters as they walk along! I suddenly realized, at that moment, I was staring at my phone and laughing out loud at it like a fool. I, of course took a picture and shared with Laura!

You had to have been there, I guess! This is more for me, a funny memory that a picture cannot capture! 🙂

I was in such a silly mood, so happy in that moment, that I sent my husband Michael a kiss. Michael was still traveling, on his way from British Columbia to Mexico to join me. He was scheduled to arrive this afternoon around 4:00pm.

And, no, I’m not having a facial seizure – I’m sending my husband a kiss!

2019 - December - La Crucecita, Huatulco, Mexico - No, not a facial seizure - I'm sending my husband a kiss!

Once I was back at my rented Airbnb apartment, I planned my day: change into my bathing suit, walk to Chahué Bay, find a restaurant for breakfast, after breakfast head to Chahué Beach, hang for awhile, then be back in time to the apartment for Michael’s arrival!

Sights On My Walk From La Crucecita to Chahué Bay

Plaza Guelaguetza – Chahué Bay

This is a nice park that is part of the transition from La Crucecita to the main strip that is Chahué Bay.

El Pibe de La Plata

My morning adventure to find a suitable place for breakfast led me to find this restaurant, just up from the roundabout between Chahué Bay and Santa Cruz Bay, towards the grocery store Chedraui. This restaurant, El Pibe de La Plata was packed. I had to wait, not for long, for a seat. Thankfully, the manager spoke a bit of english and was able to understand I wanted a traditional Mexican breakfast. My breakfast was tasty, but spicy!!! Chili spicy!

Next stop, Chahué Beach! This is the whole purpose of a down south vacation, right? To do nothing but chill at a beach!!! I walked past some new sights and some familiar ones…on my way there!

Chahué Beach

My mistake this day was not wearing any sun block. I have olive skin. I tan – I don’t burn. I should have remembered Huatulco’s proximity to the equator. But, there was a wind blowing off the water and I didn’t feel how strong the sun was. I burned, yes. But not too bad. Just enough to look like an olive-skinned strawberry! The water was crystal clear! It was chilly at first, as I am still climatized to the Persian Gulf – but it soon felt very refreshing! As the afternoon went by, the winds picked up as did the waves and the currents. Not dangerous by any means – just noticeable.

I was getting hungry, and after 3 hours at the beach, I was ready for some cold beers and tasty Mexican food!

Tomas Beach Huatulco Cantina & Bar

This was one of those moments I will never forget! This was a moment where I confused the free bread before my ordered meal AS my meal!! Why?

Because, while I was waiting for my food, I had a surprise message from my Airbnb host, who was picking Michael up at the airport and bringing him to the apartment, asking me if I wanted to come along for the drive and surprise Michael! It was 2:15pm in the afternoon. To meet Ana at the apartment for the drive to the airport, I had to be back there by 3:00pm. I was a 20 minute walk away! My food had not arrived and I was three beers in while waiting! In a moment of panic, I asked if I could have my food to go. The server, whose English was better than most, looked at me confused asking me why I wanted to take the free bread home? What about the tacos I ordered? Did I not want them anymore?

He looked at me, as I looked at him as we both realized at the same time – I thought the bread was my order.

There was no way I could explain myself out of this one! This was a total D’uh moment!

I made it back in time for the drive to the airport and surprise Michael! I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures!!!! This was our first time seeing each other in over 8 weeks!! After we settled into our apartment together, “wink wink”, we went our for dinner. The day before, I promised the servers Mucho Coo Coo and Mucho Loco from the restaurant Sabor a Mi, I would return with Michael so they could meet him!

Sabor a Mi

Michael and I had an exceptional meal at this high-end restaurant, that has a large Canadian clientele. Michael had mahi mahi steak and I had pork tenderloin steak (that I thought was beef tenderloin the entire time I was eating it, crediting that Mexico beef must taste different than Canadian beef! – what I food idiot I was this day!!) The dessert was a chocolate brownie, with chocolate mouse, topped with a warm chocolate sauce. Everything was so delicious!

Michael was treated to the same free shot of tequila I was given the day before when I had lunch here. Jose, also known as Mucho Loco was not working this evening. Only Mucho Coo Coo, whose name I never did find out! 😉

After a long day for both of us, we were happy to be back together and called it a night!

Buenas noches…

S, 🙂

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