Huatulco, Mexico – Day 1 – La Crucecita, Chahué Bay, Turkey Vultures & Tequila

Airbnb Apartment – Río Jiquillo 51, J, 70988 Crucecita, Oaxaca, Mexico

My host Ana picked me up at the airport, for a reasonable fee of 475 pesos, as she also had to pay for parking her car at the airport while waiting for me. She didn’t speak any English (her husband Carlos does, and was our main contact) so the ride to the apartment was quiet! I was very pleased with the apartment. It was spacious, very clean and had the basic amenities for a comfortable stay!

After I unpacked, organized myself and settled in, it was 10:30am and I had a full day ahead. I was a bit nervous to go out on my own, because I was by myself. My husband Michael was scheduled to fly in from British Columbia the next day. I messaged my host, Carlos and he assured me the area was safe. I messaged Michael, who has been to Mexico many times, he also assured me it was safe.

So off I went – for a run – to find the beach and get to know the area!

Chahué Bay – Chahué Beach

At a slooowww pace, my run to Chahué Beach was 24 minutes from the apartment – approximately 3km. I was so excited and pleased with myself that I started my vacation as planned – with a run! Then out of the corner of my eye, I see this gigantic bird flying towards me! Of course, I couldn’t get the photo app on my phone opened in time, but I did get this picture! A brown pelican!! My first pelican! Again, this bird was HUGE! It looked like a pterodactyl had escaped from Isla Nublar!!!

2019 - On the breakwater pier alongside Chahué Beach - I see my first pelican!!!!

Walking the Neighborhood of La Crucecita

Next, I walked back to my apartment to grab some pesos. Then, I would walk the neighborhood and get to know the area! I would find a restaurant to have something to eat, then a grocery store to buy some milk, coffee and snacks!

Huatulco Sector Map

Section J

My rented apartment location was in Section J. This is the street corner outside of the apartment. There is a meat shop there, on the left corner, where young men were busy preparing and packaging meat!

Map Of My Walk

The apartment is located on Rio Jiquillo Street. This small street is a block from a main road called Guelaguetza, that leads down to the main strip along Chahué Bay called Blvd Benito Juarez.

These are pictures as I walked along Guelaguetza, towards Blvd Benito Juarez.

Turkey Vultures

These birds, turkey vultures, were everywhere, constantly circling overhead.

Lunch at Sabor a Mi

At the corner of Guelaguetza & Blvd Benito Juarez is an upscale condo complex ( I later find out is filled with Canadian snowbirds from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan!), with restaurants framing the base of the building.

This, THIS, was fun! In my youth, I worked in the service industry long enough to know now when I’m being worked for a tip. I also know a non-national tourist is a target in a 3rd world country. But, hey…let the fun begin!! 😉 Not at first….but AFTER I finished my meal did these two waiters do nothing else except make a big deal out of me; telling me how beautiful I am, how wonderful I am…and so on and so on…even bringing me a free shot of tequila!

But let me start at the beginning…..

I settled into a nice seat at Sabor a Mi, a little late in the afternoon. Typical siesta time. Shops really do close down in the mid-day heat. I started with cold beer and a look at the menu, a menu I had to find as the servers didn’t seem too interested in me.

Jose, as he introduced himself, recommended the Shrimp Chalupas. I order this dish! It was yummy, but nothing out of the ball park so-to-speak.

Then the fun started to happen as one crazy server, who I still only know as Mucho CooCoo…approached and then stuck around with tequila and what had to be a hundred selfies with me!!!

Mucho CooCoo invites Jose – now called Mucho Loco – to join in on the fun!

2019 - Christmas Break - Huatulco, Mexico - Lunch at Sabor a Mi - Mucho Loco and Mucho CooCoo!!!!!
2019 – Christmas Break – Huatulco, Mexico – Lunch at Sabor a Mi – Mucho Loco and Mucho CooCoo!!!!!

It was time to go, and as I was leaving, a “stray” cat (I would soon experience is the exception rather than the rule) greeted me. There were VERY few stray cats and dogs here. I saw more homeless dogs – maybe three in total – and only two stray cats during our stay here. 🙂 And these homeless animals looked healthy and strong!

Next stop – finding a grocery store!

2019 - Christmas Break - Huatulco, Mexico - One of the very few "stray" cats in the area

Chedraui Grocery Store

Located a few blocks up from Blvd Benito Juarez, this is, I guess, the Mexican version of Walmart and Carrefour. This grocery store had EVERYTHING! From ridiculously priced sunblock, to fruits, veggies, meats, cigars, alcohol, clothes, appliances…and so on…

What was different was how pastries were packed. In Qatar, I shopped at Carrefour. There, I brought all my fruits and vegetables to a counter to be weighted and priced, rather than scanned, weighed and priced at the check-out counter. In Chedraui, pastries were put on a pan, taken to a counter where they were packed and priced to be prepared for the check-out counter.

Once I was back home (taking a taxi ride that cost 35 pesos..taxies do not have meters – charges are set on locations – I was in the “local” area – therefore 35 pesos. There is signage outside of Chedraui [that I didn’t know about at the time] indicating taxi fares per location), I was starving and dove into this chicken and actually paused because it was SO TASTY!!!!!! SO MOIST AND SO DELICIOUS!!! Better than the shrimp dish I had at the pricey restaurant, Sabor a Mi!!!! This is the most delicious roasted chicken I’ve ever had!

Back in Section J

After eating some chicken with a few cervezas, I was starting to feel the exhaustion of the past few days of traveling to Huatulco. I was ready for bed. As I started to wrap up my day I heard what sounded like kids playing outside. I checked. Across the street at the open recreational area, a group of young local boys were playing soccer. I truly exhaled in happiness. I was at home in this neighborhood. After taking these pictures, I returned to the apartment and fell into a deep sleep…ready to wake up early to start another full day! Tomorrow, Michael would arrive in Huatulco and we would see each other for the first time in 8 weeks…. <3 <3 <3

Buenas noches!

S, 🙂

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  1. Looks like you’re having a great vacation after the horrible trip.

    1. The trip was great actually – I was bumped up to Business Class – and I had a wonderful hotel room for the 17 hour layover, a layover that was part of the plan, not unexpected!

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