Huatulco, Mexico – Bumped Up To Business Class – WestJet & Air Mexico

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

My Christmas Break vacation to Huatulco, Mexico started with my 4:00am arrival at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

After an easy check-in and trip though security, I grabbed a coffee courtesy of a Starbucks gift card from a teacher, who also lent me her backpack! This was my first time – ever – not using a suitcase, only having one piece of luggage while traveling, and not checking in any baggage! While the backpack was heavy, I was excited knowing I could walk right off the plane and out of the airport without any long waits for my luggage!

My flight to Toronto delayed, I settled in at The Firkin & Flyer … sipping Pinot Grigio with my eggs benny. Here, I noticed a young Air Canada attendant approaching me, who was once a student at a high school I worked at! After a wonderful hug and brief catch up with this delightful young woman, I knew my vacation was off to a great start!

I normally don’t pay much attention to my boarding pass – well, truth be told I hope for an aisle seat because I have to pee CONSTANTLY when up in the air! Life is much easier for those who sit next to me when I’m in an aisle seat! I was a bit shocked to see I had a first row seat on the airplane. This only ever happened once – I purposefully paid for it – but it was just that – the first seat on the plane, a small plane for a domestic flight in Ontario!

WestJet Business Class

This, as I oh so surprisingly found out…was a front row aisle seat in WestJet Business Class! I was riding in style for the 1 hour flight to Toronto!

I had a 17 hour layover in Toronto, where I booked a room at Four Points by Sheraton on Dixie Road. Important tip – there are two Four Points by Sheraton – one at the airport and another at Dixie Road. Important to know the difference when you discover this at the airport!

Four Points by Sheraton on Dixie Road

I was on a lucky streak!!! Another upgrade, this time to a double queen bed suite!!!

2019 - December - Four Points by Sheraton Dixie Rd - Upgraded room to a double queen suite!

After a workout in the gym, a hot shower, a comfortable sleep and a shuttle ride back to the Toronto Pearson International Airport, I was on the move again! Next stop – Mexico City!

My boarding pass indicated my seat was 1B…did I dare hope that I was in Business Class again….

2019 - Huatulco, Mexico - Upgraded to Business Class - WestJet & Air Mexico!

Air Mexico Business Class

I sure was!!!!!!!! This was the longest leg of my journey and I was front row, aisle seat again!!!

On this flight, I met a lovely woman who sat next to me, Linda Nye. Linda was on her way to Guatemala. This 75- year-old seasoned traveller has been traveling to Mexico and Central America for decades. We shared lots of travel stories. Linda’s most captivating story was her drive from Canada, down through the US, then Mexico as part of an El Salvador nationals caravan on their way home after the civil war. She helped them get through the US (she is both a citizen of Canada and the US) and they helped her get through the Mexican border – Guatemala her final destination.

When we landed in Mexico City’s Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez, both Linda and I had one more flight to reach our final destinations. It was Linda who recommend we go to the Business Class lounge – Salon Premier Aeromexico. I would never have thought of it, as I always travel economy.

Mexico City’s Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez – Salon Premier Aeromexico

Wow!!! Everything was comfortable and free!! Free wifi, free buffet style food, free coffee, tea…and all types of alcohol – free!!!

So, first thing Stephanie does, at the recommendation of the bartender, is try Mezcal! This liquor is similar to tequila, but has a smokey flavor…that burned warm and smooth as it went down…..

Hey!!! I’m a wine drinker!! This stuff was TOO strong for me!!!

Time to eat! The green chili sauce was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

It was time for Linda and I to part ways…. I had to board my plane to Huatulco! I am so grateful to have met Linda!! She’s an inspiration to never stop traveling!!!

2019 - Christmas Break - Mexico City's Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez - Salon Premier Aeromexico - Linda and I

My boarding pass indicated, alas..I was back with the mere economy mortals….

2019 - Huatulco, Mexico - Upgraded to Business Class - WestJet & Air Mexico!

But, this domestic flight did not have a Business Class! 😉

2019 - Christmas Break - Air Mexico flight from Mexico City to Huatulco

Next stop…..Huatulco!!!

S, 🙂

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  1. Didn’t I read of a horrendous flight! And then you got bumped to business class! Nice for you!

    1. The Airbnb situation started out as a last minute holy “f*ck”, but everything else fell into place!!!!! 🙂

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