Canadian Repatriation Adventure – A Week in Gananoque, Ontario

With our new 5th wheel (our new home until we build our long term real, land-based home) having to stay at the dealership for a week to get ready for us, Michael and I had a week in the town of Gananoque.

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Quality Inn & Suites

Our home base for the week was Quality Inn & Suites along the main road.  The prices were reasonable, the rooms clean and the Indian family who owned and managed the hotel were friendly and helpful!Gananoque, Ontario - Quality Inn and Suites 

This was a crazy week of logistics because Michael and I were not yet sure whether we were going to stay non-residents or not. So all major purchases like the 5th wheel were put in family names including insurances and registration.  As well, Michael had to travel from Gananoque to Kapuskasing to bring back our 3/4 ton truck that would haul the 5th wheel.

What was the craziest was the uncertainty of everything.  We still were not in Nova Scotia and able to get our feet firmly on the ground to start making sound decisions on how our future would unfold.

I’m a woman who needs routine, structure and a plan. I just couldn’t seem to think straight about anything because everything seemed too big, so uncertain, so vague.

What I did know was that Michael and I were going to haul a 5th wheel from Ontario to Nova Scotia. That FREAKED me out because we had never RV’d before and my mind was spinning with so many “what if something goes wrong”, and I had no idea how we would handle it! We didn’t know what we didn’t know or what to expect!

However, there were some relaxing moments and fun moments during our week!

Skydive Gananoque

Michael enjoyed his time at Skydive Gananoque. This drop zone has been around since Michael was young and he was excited to jump there!  Gananoque, Ontario - Skydive Gananoque 

Silk Salon & Esthetics

It had been over three months, if not longer since I had my hair roots colored and foils for highlights.  I was referred to Silk Salon & Esthetics on King Street by the woman at the post office! Here, not only did I get a FABULOUS hair color & style, but I also met my soul sister, Laura!!!  We hit it off immediately!!!  We both just turned 50 and both in major transition.  We are positive women, who want to better ourselves and live authentic lives.   Gananoque, Ontario - New hair by Laura at Silk Salon and Esthetics

Laura and I met for lunch that week and have been friends ever since!!  I can’t wait to see you again, my soul sister!!!!   Like you said, once we are both settled – we will meet halfway between Ontario and Nova Scotia!!!

Much of the week while Michael was gone to pick up the truck, I spent in my room either sorting out our logistics, making to-do lists or blogging about our recent trips to India, Jordan and Maldives.

Here are pictures of our final day there!

Colonial Gananoque

There was that colonial vibe in some areas of the town.  Reminded me of driving through New England or New Hampshire towns…

Gananoque River and Canadian Geese

The man with Michael is retired and he enjoyed feeding and protecting the geese at the river!  🙂

Here is a neat mural on a building!Gananoque, Ontario - Mural on building

This is a beautiful town whose entire community is centered on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River and is the gateway to its 1000 Islands!

Gananoque, Ontario - Park BenchGananoque, Ontario - Park Bench

Gananoque was a wonderful discovery, indeed!

S, <3 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Nice to see you both were able to find time for some fun ( Michael jumping out of a plane ) and relaxation ( Stephanie on the ground 🙂 at a beautician ) in beautiful Gananoque before making your way to NS. Both still smiling, that is a good sign … Love mama xoxoxo

    1. Thanks mama!!! xoxo

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