Canadian Repatriation Adventure – First Stop – Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Capital City – Parliament Hill

This was an unexpected find during my wanderings of downtown Ottawa!  I can hear the gasp of any Canadian reading this, wondering why I wouldn’t have known this! I will shamefully admit guilty and that I really didn’t know what I was allowed to see and do at Parliament Hill.  Thanks to a friendly guard outside the perimeter of the hill, he pointed me towards Centre Block and the Centennial Flame  – two iconic Canadian symbols!

ps….Click here to read about my wanderings before stumbling upon Parliament Hill!!

What is Parliament Hill, you might ask?  It is the home of the Parliament of Canada!

I entered the hill through this gate:Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada - Side Entrance

I walked passed this sign:Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario - Signage

I Met Seamus O’Regan!

As I walked passed the above sign, I walked by Seamus O’Regan! This Newfoundlander once hosted the Canadian breakfast morning show called Canada AM! He is now a Member of Parliament.Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario - Seamus O'Regan

West Block

The West Block is one of three buildings on Parliament Hill.

Centre Block

Centre Block is one of Canada’s iconic buildings!

East Block

East Block is the third building on Parliament Hill!Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario - East Block

Centennial Flame

The Centennial Flame is a  monument celebrates Canada’s 100th year as a Confederation!


Parliament Pub!

As I left the hill, I noticed this pub across the street! Hmmm.. I wonder what political fun has happened here!!  hee hee!!!  Ottawa, Ontario - Parliament Pub - Across from Parliament Hill

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