Saying Goodbye – American School of Doha – Final Assembly

Having to leave this job was the hardest part of leaving Qatar. Period.

The ASD final assembly happened in May, while we were in India. I added it here now, before I start our repatriation blogs back into Canada!!

2019 - Saying Goodbye to ASD - The Kids!!!!

Saying goodbye was heartbreaking….

The final assembly of the year was the time to say goodbye to departing staff and students.

I miss these kids……so much…..

ps…..I don’t have a picture of the final assembly …but my feature picture is one of my favorite moments = one of many with Nick Zarter.  I spent a year in his classroom supporting two students – needless to say – we didn’t stop laughing the ENTIRE year!!!!!!!!!!! You wanna understand Engage New York math – THIS is your man!!!!  Is your child is gifted – THIS is your teacher!!!!!!!!!!  This picture was taken on Sports Day! Nick hates the Blue Jays because of the 1992 World Series when the Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves!!!  American School of Doha - Blue Jays Canadian and Atlanta Braves American never forgetting who won the World Series in 1992!!

ASD made me a better person, a better para-educator!!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Wanda says:

    What a beautiful wonderful experience you had abroad, Loved all your travel blogs. Thank you for sharing. Xoxoxo. Toodles

    1. Wanda!!! You were the glue!!! The unsung hero….The woman behind it all…I’m sorry I didn’t weave you into this….I don’t know your story because you had to be there every day. You always had a smile. You were in a position that I would have exploded in….. you are SUPER WOMEN!!!

  2. mama says:

    Stephanie, your good-bye video was very well done and received by the students at ASD even as they chuckled at the dog in the background. Kids will be kids! You will be missed Ms. Stephanie. Looks like Nick was not happy at the Blue Jays… wonder why (smile ). mama xoxo

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