Maldives Baby! Kandoomaa Fushi Island, South Malé Atoll – Day 3 – A Pod of Spinner Dolphins!

This was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!!!! After snorkeling with sea turtles then snorkeling at another reef, we began our return ride back to the island…when we suddenly came across a pod of spinner dolphins!!!!! Bee, our guide couldn’t believe our good fortune as people pay for dolphin tours – and sometimes never get to see them!!! When you pay for a dolphin tour, you are told there is a 25% chance of seeing dolphins. If you don’t see dolphins on the tour, then the next tour is free – upping your chances of seeing dolphins to 50%.

We saw them for free!!!

There had to be about fifty dolphins in the pod!  Tour boats zoomed in and soon the show became a bit of a circus as boats maneuvered around each other to keep a safe distance from each other and the dolphins.IMG_6085IMG_6024

Here they are!!!!

Of all my pictures – these two are my favorite because it is difficult to capture a picture of their face! The dolphins surface and move so quickly, most of my pictures are of their dorsal fins!  🙂 IMG_6071IMG_6041

They are called spinner dolphins because they leap out of the water, spin in the air, then make a big splash as they crash back into the water! Some of the dolphins were leaping all over the place – but not once did I have my camera aimed at the right place, at the right time to capture pictures of one spinning!  Here, this lucky tour boat had a dolphin leap right in front of them!  I just missed taking the picture!!IMG_5984

Some dolphins swimming at the bow of the boat as we start to leave!

Bee, our AMAZING snorkel tour guide!!!!!!!


Arriving back at our island!IMG_6137

Everyone on the boat was on such a high!!!!  You just can’t imagine how exciting it was to see these beautiful marine animals, and see so many at one time!  We were all SO HAPPY!!!

S, <3 <3 <3

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  1. Nimish says:

    Lovely pictures….enjoy frnd. Stay blessed❤❤🙂

    1. Thank you my friend!!!! You too!! <3 🙂

  2. mama says:

    What an unexpected gift!!! Everyone on the boat must have been ecstatic and in total awe seeing this pod😳. The smiles 😃say it all …WOW!!! You took some great shots…🦈❤️😃

    1. Thanks mama!!! 🙂 <3

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