Maldives Baby! Kandooma Fushi Island, South Malé Atoll – Day 2 – Surfers & Holy Bats, Man!!

This was a lazy day!

Morning started out with coffee and blogging on the deck!IMG_5712IMG_5713

Later was a snorkel at South Beach…but the current was SO strong, it was impossible!IMG_5716

Back at the villa, we changed from our swim suits and snorkeling gear to shorts and a t-shirt to walk the island!


The skies started to darken as we started our journey!


Surfing was as popular here as snorkeling and scuba diving! There were many Australian surfers (and SUP’ers) here – all young, beautiful people in perfect shape!  Michael and I quite enjoyed the views! 😉


This looks like a blotched porcupine fish in a small coral nursery, off the dock at the beach!IMG_5763

A grey heron!IMG_5736

Giant Fruit Bats!

Bats! Giant fruit bats!  They were ALL over the island!

Cool trees!IMG_5767

A beautiful Banyan tree!

Gorgeous hubby! <3 IMG_5744

Lots of water sports to try at the Water Sport Centre!

Skies were still dark…but the pool was warm!


Our little secret spot on the island!IMG_5717

The overwater villas…IMG_5830

That evening at dinner, staff played traditional Maldivian music with dance!IMG_5833

Our cute server!  IMG_5840

A wee little gecko in one of the villa number road signs as we, once again were lost trying to find our way back to our villa in the dark!


S, 🙂

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