Jordan – Final Moments & Final Thoughts

Michael and I both liked Jordan.  A lot.IMG_5555

Dead Sea Spa Hotel, Madaba

Breakfast at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel!  The birds would take food out of our hands!

Morning view of Israel while we ate breakfast at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel!IMG_5537

The afternoon Michael and I checked out of the Dead Sea Spa Hotel, this Palestinian grandmother was listening to Celine Dion on her cell phone!IMG_3234

Gerasa Hotel, Amman

Neat basket lighting at the Gerasa Hotel in Amman!

As we checked out of the Gerasa Hotel, a wedding reception was the main event for the evening!IMG_5680

Local Handcrafts

During our drive from Mount Nebo to Shoubak Castle, our driver Walid brought us to a government funded mosaic shop where handicapped locals made intricate art and furniture. Michael and I were shown how the mosaics were made, then brought through the shop to look at what they had to sell. We didn’t buy anything, it was quite expensive.

A mother of pearl throne in the mosaic shop!

Sea Level Sign

During our drive from the Dead Sea to Amman, here is a sign indicating we were now at sea level!IMG_3236

Walid, Our Driver!


Walid was a really good guy! Michael and I both agree that if we lived in Amman, he would be someone we would want to hang out with; to get to know both him and his family – whom he loves very much! Walid was a humble man who works hard, knows Jordan and made sure we were well taken care of wherever we went!

Why did we have a driver? I booked our trip to Jordan through a travel agent and bought a package where all arrangements were made so that Michael and I didn’t have to make any decisions while there – everything was done for us – including a driver who knew the area and would drive us from one part of the country to the other to see the all that Jordan has to offer!

What makes Jordan so special is that it has many unique, world famous sites to see such as Jerash, Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea. Jordan has so much history, is part of the Holy Land and has locations of religious pilgrimages such as Mount Nebo where according to Christian religion, Moses was buried.

The people of Jordan were very nice too! Wherever we went, we were treated kindly, with genuine warmth and welcome.

Jordan was not as inexpensive as we would have liked. But hey, that’s travel!

S, 🙂


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