Wadi Rum, Jordan – Part IX – Final Moments

I enjoyed some time in the morning to wander around the camp and take some final pictures…

The sand was so beautiful…like an orange sea with waves. The sand wasn’t as hot as the afternoon sand the day before, but hot enough!

Weird tracks in the sand!  Lizards maybe?

The view!

This was the location of the mornings short camel ride to watch the sunrise!IMG_5437IMG_5443

My new friends!

Me and my shadow!IMG_5435IMG_5444

Desert bush:IMG_5447

The campsite!

This is the zarb – the Bedouin barbecue!


Inside the dining hall, hookahs and a mini majlis!IMG_3205IMG_3204

The man in the orange t-shirt runs the camp – his family owns it. He is a really nice guy and basically runs the entire show! The other man is one of the 4X4 tour guides.IMG_3206

A large group was preparing to leave!IMG_3202

I loved Wadi Rum – and would have enjoyed more time here to take another camel ride – a longer one this time, and do more exploring! However it was time to drive to our next location – the Dead Sea!

But, first stop was to check out Israel!

S, 🙂

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