Jordan – View of Eilat, Israel & Sinai Peninsula, Egypt & The Red Sea

Our drive from Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea brought a change in landscape…

And also brought us to Jordan’s port city Aqaba that neighbors Eilat, the port city of Israel.

View of Eilat, Israel from Aqaba, Jordan. There is a strip of land separating the two countries.IMG_5461

View of the Red Sea.IMG_5462

Just behind the ship is Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.IMG_5463More of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula – the barely visible mountain range behind the ships – and the Red Sea.IMG_5464Aqaba and the Red Sea!IMG_5466

From there, we drove along Highway 65 – also known as the Dead Sea Highway.

Here, you see the fence border between Jordan and Israel.IMG_3207

A small airport in Israel.IMG_5471

Landscape along Highway 65.

And then there it was….the Dead Sea!IMG_3210

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