Wadi Rum, Jordan – Part VII – Zarb – Bedouin Barbecue

The highlight of the evening was the Zarb – a Bedouin barbecue. Michael and I no longer eat meat, but can still appreciate that the chicken and lamb were slowly roasted in this underground barbecue for at least 3 hours!

Bedouin in the entire Arab Peninsula have cooked their food underground, in earth ovens for centuries… and little has changed to this day!

Michael and I rested in our camp after our desert trip, then made our way to the dining hall for supper. Inside the dining hall, the buffet was ready but waiting for the arrival of the chicken, lamb and vegetable roasting deep within the Zarb.

ps….I’m still learning how to use my new Canon EOS – and have not yet taught myself how to take manual pictures in the dark!  Therefore, the outdoor pictures are on automatic focus and blurry.


The chef announced it was time to “get the barbecue!” Everyone walked outside to the sand pit next to the dining hall.

Two men started removing the sand, while the chef watched and waited.fullsizeoutput_a80ffullsizeoutput_a810fullsizeoutput_a811

Once the barbecue was opened, the chef then helped take the underground barbecue racks into the dining hall!fullsizeoutput_a812fullsizeoutput_a813

Watching the videos are the best way to appreciate how unique this barbecue is!

Removing the sand!

Removing the barbecue!

Michael and I tried the veggies that were roasted with the chicken and lamb. The taste was quite smoky!

After dinner, we sat at the majlis by the camp fire to look at the stars and sip Arabic tea!fullsizeoutput_a815fullsizeoutput_a83cIMG_5288

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  1. mama says:

    That was quite the experience. So glad you videoed the event.
    Felt like I was there watching…Lovely evening had by all! ( smile )xoxo

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