Wadi Rum, Jordan – Part IV – Desert Tour – Sudden Wind & Rain Storm!

Our next stop was a gorge in the desert – to stand at the edge of a cliff to look out at another spectacular view of the desert.  While we were driving there, the skies suddenly darkened as a storm blew in, bringing strong winds and rain!


What was FANTASTIC about this was how the wind took shape with sand. It was so BEAUTIFUL!!!

We arrived at the location.  This is the lookout point:fullsizeoutput_a7dffullsizeoutput_a7e0

As Michael and I checked out the area, the wind increased as it funneled through the gorge. It whipped our faces with sand, getting sand in our eyes, mouth and ears. You can see the peek of the storm in the last picture.  At this point, our guide told us to get back to the truck, inside the truck  – not in the back cab – out of the storm!


Here is what the storm looked like as we walked back to the truck.  Even the guide took pictures as it was so spectacular!

This was amazing – pictures just don’t show how harsh the desert can be as it whips you with sand that feels like a thousand little stings!

And just like that, the storm was over! The dark clouds disappeared and the sun was shining brightly again!

Next stop….everything Lawrence of Arabia!!!

S, 🙂

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  1. tishmillette6067 says:

    Fascinating. Love these photos.

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    1. Thanks Tishy!!!! xoxoxo <3

  2. Wast says:

    These photos are so good.

    1. Thank you Laurence! It was such a fun experience! 🙂

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