Wadi Rum, Jordan – Part III – Desert Tour – Alameleh Inscriptions

Our second stop was this section of rock carved with petroglyphs and graffiti.  I can’t remember exactly what our guide told us, except that he referred to the markings as graffiti by ancient Bedouin traders. What little information I was able to find on the internet was this:

  • these markings are throughout Wadi Rum.
  • they are camel caravans, hunting warriors and animal petroglyphs by Nabataeans (ancient Arab people of this region) as well as Thamudic scripts (an ancient alphabet).
  • this particular location is called Alameleh Inscriptions because it has some of the best and well preserved markings in Wadi Rum.

To the left of this rock, on the rock wall behind it are the petroglyphs of camels.fullsizeoutput_a7b9fullsizeoutput_a7bafullsizeoutput_a7bb

The animal face and other markings on this rock are graffiti.  I’m thinking Roland and Gomer’s names are not Nabataean!  😉fullsizeoutput_a7c3fullsizeoutput_a7bcfullsizeoutput_a7befullsizeoutput_a7c1fullsizeoutput_a7bffullsizeoutput_a7c4

When we arrived at this location, there was already a group of Asian tourists here. Our guide made it very clear to us, when he saw this group of Asian girls, that he did NOT like taking groups of Asians out on tours for two reasons – they never tipped and they took THOUSANDS of pictures!! However, he stated he wouldn’t mind having a young Asian woman for a wife! I’ll not mention the sexual joke he made with that! Michael and I are still laughing….

That’s our guide sitting in the white truck – probably happy he has us on this tour yet wishing to meet one of those young Asian girls!  😉 Michael offered to introduce him to one….he refused!  hee hee!!!  fullsizeoutput_a7d6

Next stop….a location for its view – but with the added excitement of a sudden wind and rain storm!

S, 🙂

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