Petra, Jordan – Hyatt Zaman Hotel & Resort in Wadi Musa

Michael and I had two nights, one full day in Wadi Musa to see Petra. Our two night stay at the hotel deserves a blog because it was so unique!  This hotel and surrounding area had a mediterranean feel – like the San Marco Hotel we stayed at on Mykonos. Both hotels were a maze of rooms and suites spread over a hillside. The only difference being that the hotel in Mykonos was bright, clean white in color.  In Jordan, this hotel was a golden, glowing beige!

The hotel isn’t actually part go the Hyatt chain…they “borrowed” the name!  😉fullsizeoutput_a738

Reception area:

You walk through a labyrinth of stone pathways lined with assorted rooms and suites. This is the entrance to the small courtyard for our room, #617.fullsizeoutput_a16efullsizeoutput_a720fullsizeoutput_a727This is the view looking out from the room at the small courtyard:fullsizeoutput_a71f

The room was interesting with its stone walls, stone floor, carpets and wooden beamed ceiling.


The first night, I had a Turkish Bath. This is the entrance to the spa:fullsizeoutput_a71c

Inside, the only pictures I took were of the waiting area and wooden shoes for the steam room because I had to leave my cell phone in the locker. The marble steam room I sat in was overwhelmingly hot. Once I had my limit of sitting in scalding hot steam, to cool down I laid out on a large marble table central to all the steam rooms surrounding it.  Then the scrub/masseuse woman entered to take me to a separate bathing room for my full body scrub/massage/rinse.  The scrub/masseuse local woman was Muslim – wearing a head scarf, long pants and a modest shirt with her sleeves rolled up; only her feet were bare!  😉  I was wearing my bikini and happy to be wearing it to have some cover. Modesty was the atmosphere here.

During my full body scrub/massage/rinse at a sulphur bath in Tbilisi, Georgia – I was naked and scrubbed/massaged/rinsed by a pretty, young local woman wearing very skimpy shorts and braless in a thin tank top. That bath was one of the most non-erotic, erotic experiences ever!  Modesty was NOT the atmosphere there! 😉

This Turkish bath was NOTHING like that sulphur bath!  😉 fullsizeoutput_a71dfullsizeoutput_a71e

The layout and the greenery of the grounds!

The majlis tent parallel to the restaurant, the surrounding hill and view from the hill:

Our final morning was June 4th. June 4th was also the start of Eid al Fitr.  The call to prayer that morning was 2 hours long, with a child also participating in the call! I don’t think I once heard a child participate in the call to prayer in Qatar!

The Sahtain Restaurant – set up for the breakfast buffet!

Michael and I at the restaurant, enjoying some shisha while waiting for our driver Walid to pick us up to drive us to our next destination – Wadi Rum!

While the hotel is outside of the main town of Wadi Musa and Petra’s Visitor Centre (about a 15 minute drive), it was well worth the stay!

S, 🙂

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  1. Anitha says:

    Wow I wud like to go there! Ur photos r amazing

    1. Thank you!!! You should go there!!!! The hotel is more about the grounds – the feel – not luxury. Jordan is an amazing country!!!!

      1. Anitha says:

        I was always curious of Jordan and you have just added to it!

      2. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. mama says:

    This is my idea of a very unique “borrowed” Hyatt chain. The blend of the stone and wood was well thought out by the builder. What a place!!!

    1. It was nice for sure! 🙂

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