Petra, Jordan – Part V – The Moment You See The Treasury!

Happiness flooded me.

I started to cry, tears of joy.

This same happiness flooded me, with tears of joy as my eyes first spotted the silhouetted Giza pyramids at sunset, during our taxi ride from the Cairo International Airport to our hotel in Giza.

While walking long the Siq, you take a turn and suddenly get your first glimpse of this famous temple carved in the side of a sandstone wall! Our guide gave me a bit of a heads up to have my camera ready!  🙂fullsizeoutput_a610IMG_4810IMG_4811IMG_4813IMG_4815


This corner is where people take turns having their picture taken of the moment they first behold this famous UNSCO World Heritage Site & New 7 Wonders of the World.fullsizeoutput_a04ffullsizeoutput_a04ffullsizeoutput_a038fullsizeoutput_a04a

Here, in the movie Indiana Jones and the last Crusade is when Indy, Henry Jones Sr. and Sallah first see The Treasury and 30 years ago my love of this location happened!fullsizeoutput_a612fullsizeoutput_a613fullsizeoutput_a5c8fullsizeoutput_a5c0fullsizeoutput_a5cafullsizeoutput_a640fullsizeoutput_a641fullsizeoutput_a642fullsizeoutput_a643fullsizeoutput_a644fullsizeoutput_a646

I’d say my reaction to seeing the Treasury was more like Henry Jones Sr’s reaction!  😉

S, 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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  1. Oh wow, what an experience!! I’m the same when I see things that I’ve always wanted to see or that are just so awe inspiring!

    1. Those are moment we will never forget, burned in our brains and in our hearts!!! <3 🙂

      1. Absolutely!! I love those moments! I know I need to catch up on the rest of your posts about your trip (I’m a bit snowed under with work and stuff at the moment), it looks amazing! I look forward to reading more 🙂

      2. Thank you!!! 🙂 I’m very behind in my blogs as we’re now in back in Canada and juggling a gazillion logistics! Wadi Rum in Jordan was even more spectacular than the Treasury!! There is still more blogs about Petra because of the sites after it, then traveling to Wadi Rum, then the Dead Sea! After that is the Maldives with super exciting snorkeling adventures then our journey home to Canada. I’m trying to write/publish one – two blogs a day – but the picture editing is time consuming because I take so many! LOL!!!! Are you traveling any time soon? I haven’t forgetton about your fear of flying. I’m sure you’ve heard of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – ways to manage your fear of flying anxiety. I totally TOTALLY understand anxiety and the power it has. CBT can be very effective with a great therapist!! 🙂

  2. mama says:

    Wish I had been there to take a picture of you at the moment you saw the Treasury. It would have been priceless! 😳 I think your reaction would have far exceeded the reaction of Henry Jones Sr’s in the movie! A moment to “treasure” for sure 😍 look at that smile😃

    1. It was a moment to “Treasure” for sure, mama!! xoxoxoxo

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