Petra, Jordan – Part IV – The Siq’s Beautiful Sandstone Walls & Its Relics of Petra’s Past

The Siq is 1.2 km long with beautiful, pinkish sandstone walls! Our guide told us that the darker colored areas are the result of wind erosion.  The Jack Sparrow lookalike is a Petra Bedouin!

What is amazing is that the road along the Siq is paved. Our guide pointed this out, but I can’t quite remember what he said about it. It had something to do with being able to see the original, larger stones located near the edge of the walls.

There are also carvings and reliefs on the walls – relics of Petra’s past.

I can’t remember what our guide said these carving were for.  I’m thinking they are small monuments for the Nabataean gods?

According to our guide, this carving is a monument to a fallen Roman soldier. I believe this is also called Sabinos Alexendros Station?

This is a Nabataean Baetyl – a scared stone used to embody their gods. Our guide told us that this was a place of religious ritual.  There were three parts of the ritual, and from what I remember – walking around it (like walking around the Kaaba in Mecca) and offering a sacrifice was part of it.fullsizeoutput_a5e5

This is the elephant! The question I forgot to ask about this elephant is, is this carved to look like an elephant or is this a naturally occurring formation that looks like an elephant?fullsizeoutput_a0d2fullsizeoutput_a0d1

Roman chariot tracks.fullsizeoutput_a0d3

Relief of a camel caravan driver and camels!fullsizeoutput_a5fffullsizeoutput_a600fullsizeoutput_a601

And soon, just around a corner, was the Treasury….

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    The stone formaton are very high and unique!
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