Petra, Jordan – Part III – Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalikes – Petra Bedouins

Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate, yes – I could however call him a Bedouin of the sea!


Because a Bedouin is something like a pirate…  Don’t ya think? 😉fullsizeoutput_a5e8Jack_Sparrow_OST_Textless_Poster

I’m skipping ahead a bit – because I just had to share this fun little tidbit before moving on to blog about our continued walk through the Siq, its beauty and historical artifacts! I’ll even skip ahead to Wadi Rum and include our Bedouin tour guide who has one wife but wants four. Arab men can do that in the Middle East.  No problem….

They’re such pirates!  😉

These guys, these Bedouins are about as sexy as you can imagine, and about as red flag as it gets!

Let me tell you that in all my time in the Middle East, a Bedouin lives according to his own rules and never commits.  Ladies, never think an Arab man will be monogamous.  😉  They’ve Bedouin in their blood…..fullsizeoutput_a5ecfullsizeoutput_a5ebThe picture below is our Wadi Rum tour guide who wants four wives….

He no longer lives the Bedouin life and works as a Wadi Rum tour guide because he has a family and wants to provide a better life for them – so he plays the Bedouin role, so to speak!  But he still wants four wives, because he can and has the stamina for it (so he says!). 😉


S, 😉

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