Shoubak, Jordan – Montreal Crusader Castle

This castle is known as Montreal Castle, Montreal Crusader Castle, Shoubak Castle, or Shobak Castle.

It was built in 1115 and is located along the King’s Highway from Egypt to Syria.  Whoever held the castle could tax traders and those on pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina!  Nasty things – those taxes!

Visitors centre:

The exterior of the castle:

View while walking to the castle from the Visitor’s Centre then back to the Visitor’s Centre!

You walk past souvenir sellers, through this door – then if you’re not paying attention, past the hidden, obscure little “office” to buy entry tickets!


This is where we started the tour!

Interior of the castle!

Michael moments!

Michael and I’s “special” location!  😉

This was interesting as we basically had the entire castle to ourselves and were able to walk into weird and unusual nooks and crannies!

The view was spectacular too!

S, 🙂

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  1. tishmillette6067 says:

    Fascinating. I would love to see this. Thanks for the tour. ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. You’re welcome sister!! xoxo

  2. mama says:

    Very Interesting! I see Michael appears to have found a rock to add to his collection. 🙂 Someday you should compile a book on the different doors you have photographed Stephanie. mama xoxo

    1. Great idea mama!! 🙂 <3

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