Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – The Dogs of Mararikkulam North

These dogs were a main ingredient of our India experience!

It started with meeting Popeye and Olive, then Yoda and Feisty. Other dogs joined the pack when we started bringing dog kibble to the beach to feed our dog friends!


Popeye was who we met first, along the path to the beach. She loves attention and is possibly the goofiest and nicest dog I’ve ever met! She was so loyal to Michael, always waiting at the water’s edge for him when he swam in the water!


Olive was next, as she and Popeye live with a family nearby. Olive is more serious, assertive and watches over everyone.  She’s incredibly protective, loyal and loves to chase crabs.


Yoda is a puppy who grew into a teenager during our stay!! Yoda is playful, curious, LOVES to eat, and is a little destructicon – falling over everything with those long legs of hers!


Feisty is about as opposite as Feisty as can be!  This small, gentle little dog always lets the others go first. She’s a little wary.  But so gentle. She loves to dig holes to lay in!


This one! She showed up when we started to bring dog kibble and caused chaos within the pack!  She hated Popeye and would attack her! She attacked Yoda once! She is one of the matriarch dogs along the beach whom all others defer to. The stick in the picture isn’t there for decoration.  It is there to remind Zena who is boss, to keep her in check from attacking the other members of our pack. However, Zena loved attention.  She would soak it up as much as possible!  She would still try and challenge me in little passive aggressive ways like nibbling me and biting the stick!


She had the sweetest face and looked to be new mom, but not her first time around having puppies as her nipples were so large! She also showed up when we started bringing dog kibble! She’s such a gentle little dog, kind and sweet!


Moments at the Beach

What It is Like to be Part of a Dog Pack

Popeye is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of Zena because Zena hates Popeye and attacks her! This is Popeye keeping a safe distance one evening when Zena appeared.  This didn’t end well, with Zena chasing Popeye away.  🙁


A relaxing evening with Popeye and Olive who followed us from the beach and hung out for a while!

Olive was fascinated with Michael’s guitar!


Suddenly, Zena showed up!!fullsizeoutput_9e1f

Olive stands her ground with Zena…


But poor Popeye almost had a heart attack and hid behind my chair! You can’t see Popeye, because Olive went behind my chair to check on Popeye who is laying down, as flat as she can!!


Last Day…..

Our last day in India started with saying goodbye to the dogs.

Great Life

The morning before, Michael and I went to the beach with a bag of dog food to give to this man who agreed to feed it to Feisty and Yoda, who don’t really belong to any humans and live at the beach!  He owns the little tea shop he is standing at, and puts water out for them!


It was really hard saying goodbye, yet knowing they are cared for by the fisherman and are part of the village gives us comfort.

Saying Goodbye

Riding Away – And They Follow….


These dogs were such a wonderful part of our India experience! A main part really.  They were always a highlight of our day. A time of the day where it would just be us and the dogs at the beach – relaxed, happy and together.

S, <3

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  1. tishmillette6067 says:

    I imagine it was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to these dogs. 😪😪😪
    So good to share your time together. I miss them already too. Popeye has a happy smile as big as yours Stephanie. 💕💕💕

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    1. Awww…..thank you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Sunith says:

    Surely they will miss you… great post

    1. Thank you Sunith!!! 🙂

  3. mama says:

    Starting with goofy, loyal Popeye and each additional friend you met during your stay made for a very heart warming story. Each dog with their unique personality was very well documented and made us relate to them so easily. I have no doubts … that the fun and affection given too them by you both… and by them to you…will be missed by your Doggie Day Care Club as much as by you Stephanie and Michael. 😍🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕💔

    1. Doggie Day Care Club!!! Love it!!!! <3

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