Kochi, Kerala, India – The Boat Maker

Driving north along the scenic, coastal road of Route 66, Michael and I passed a boat maker.

We stopped and had a look!fullsizeoutput_9ebffullsizeoutput_9ebdfullsizeoutput_9ec0

Michael once built a a cedar strip canoe  – 16ft Peterborough – and was very curious about the craftsmanship of these handmade boats!

How did this stuffing work?  What was it made from?fullsizeoutput_9ec1

The boat builder came out and greeted us.  His father, grandfather and five of his cousins are boat builders. It takes himself and four other guys six weeks to build a boat.

The cost of the boat is about 30,000 INR which equals about $580 CAD.

The stuffing Michael was curious about is made of woven coconut fibers. The boat maker’s English wasn’t good enough to explain how the woven coconut fibers worked in (Michael guesses) sealing the boat.fullsizeoutput_9ec2

Here, the boat builder is showing Michael how he wedges the woven coconut fiber between the wood.fullsizeoutput_9ec5fullsizeoutput_9ec6fullsizeoutput_9ec7

Close-up of the boat:fullsizeoutput_9ec3fullsizeoutput_9ec4fullsizeoutput_9ec8

Wood in the front yard!fullsizeoutput_9ec9

The boat maker was kind and enthusiastic in talking boat building with Michael!

I found a YouTube Video of this boat builder showing how he makes a boat!

He’s the first boat builder in the video!

Boat Making

Incredible India!

S, 🙂

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  1. tishmillette6067 says:

    Fascinating. I can see why Michael would be interested. So kind of the boat builder to try to explain his workmanship. ♥️

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  2. mama says:

    Just watched the video, incredible! 🤔How fortunate Michael was to have watched and had a bit of “hands on” as this craftsman worked building his boat.Never know what you will see driving north along the scenic, coastal road of Route 66! 😍

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