Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – At The Beach With Friends!

Michael and I love the beach and swimming in the waves.

Michael and I love dogs.

Michael and I love crows.

We’ve been staying at a homestay, in a small fishing village called Mararikkulam North,  on the southwestern coast of Kerala, India. We’re in week five of our six week stay here.

During this time we’ve bonded with local dogs who hang out with us at the beach. Two dogs we’ve affectionally called Popeye and Olive, live with this woman, Mini.


Here are Popeye and Olive, sound asleep at their home! Olive is out of the yard, by the tree, Popeye is further back, in the yard.


Popeye and Olive always follow us, when Michael and I walk to the beach! When we arrive at the beach, we meet up with two other dogs who live at the beach. They are Feisty and Yoda. Feisty and Yoda survive because of and are a part of the daily, early morning fish market here.

During the busy, early morning fish market, Yoda is allowed to be near this tea and snack trolly, where she feeds on bits of fish and snacks given to her.


This morning, Yoda was under a fishing boat!


Feisty lives under this tea and snack trolly, that is closed for the day.  In this picture, Michael is feeding Feisty some dog kibble!


Now it is Yoda’s turn for some dog kibble!


Every day, Michael and I go to the beach for a swim. Everyday we meet up with our friends and have fun together!

Then we take time to feed the crows!  I really enjoy this! So do the crows, who now fly near us when we arrive at the beach, wanting to be fed!  🙂

These dogs have become part of our daily routine, and part of our hearts!

Feisty stays more to herself, she is a bit wary…but joins the pack at a distance! Here she is cooling off from the hot sun on the cool, wet sand!

If we could take them all to Canada with us, we would!  But, at this time we can’t because it is logistically impossible!

Plus, Popeye and Olive have a great life, are happy and well cared for!

Feisty and Yoda, they will survive and we know that when we leave India, we’ve left them with some love!


S, <3

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