Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Moments

This is Feisty!  She lives under one of the blue carts (little tea shops) at the beach!  She is a wary, nervous little dog who loves attention! Sometimes she joins Popeye and Olive in beach play – but mostly she keeps to herself.  <3


Crows at the beach! fullsizeoutput_9d18fullsizeoutput_9d16

The crows will hop along the sand after something…it is SO funny to watch and difficult to catch on film.  Here, I’ve managed to catch a crow hop just a few steps!

This man was making trips back and forth from the sea to fill buckets with sea water.


With the help of a friend, a fisherman heads out to sea!


Popeye!  Olive is at the end of the beach, difficult to see her!


Other fisherman at the beach, emptying their nets. This dog wasn’t the friendliest looking dog I’d seen at the beach – made me a bit nervous as I approached to take this picture.  The dogs in the area seem only aggressive with other dogs who wander onto their beach “territory” their stance is to get the other dog out and away.

But, something about this dog’s face, when she looked at me, made me nervous!


This family lives near the beach.


The handsome young woman & young man holding the baby (their baby) in the picture live in this black shanty. They always wave a hello with a smile.


This morning as I walked by, the older woman was not very happy with me as I took this picture.  She openly mocked my hello by copying it sarcastically, along with unwelcoming body language. She then continued speaking at me in her native language of Malayalam, while waving around the knife in her hand to cut the fish head. I politely acknowledged her dislike of me using body language of sadness.  Then walked away.


This man lives near the beach, behind the makeshift black wall, I think? He actually posed for me!  🙂


A bicycle along the beach path, near the log bridge.  The owner was no where in sight!


Our beautiful homestay hostess, Mini!


Her youngest son, Davis – who has been accepted to a university in Toronto! He’s a wonderful young man, polite and kind.


I saw this leaf formation in the sand near the steps of our homestay villa.  Obviously manmade.  But by whom and why?


I show Michael this picture, joking that Clemant – the one full-time homestay employee, made it as some sort of black magic incantation.  Michael said, nope – he made it!  LoL!!

Incredible India!!

S, <3

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  1. mama says:

    Goes to show we are all much the same, some are loners, some are all smiles. Some of us make beautiful designs in the sand … as a gift for those they loves. Have a wonderful day… much love … mama 🙂

    1. Very true mama!!! Love you too, S. xoxo

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